High School DxD BorN (Episode 2) – Young Devils Gather

The third season of High School DxD begins to build up as Rias and the occult research club stay at the Gremory household and train to become stronger.

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Young Devils Gather

After arriving to the Gremory main household, and meeting Rias’ mother, everyone has dinner before retiring for the night. As they feel nervous sleeping in a big house, Asia and Xenovia sleep with Issei. It’s also revealed that Koneko is a nekomata. The next day, everyone is split up to undergo training for 20 days. We get a short clip of each individual’s training, a real short training montage of sorts.

Once that is over, the occult research club attends a ball of sorts where many demons have gathered. Koneko runs off in the middle of it, causing Issei and Rias to follow. The episode ends with Koneko finding her sister.

Episode Thoughts


I actually prefered this episode to the last one. I felt that it got the tone with Koneko’s story down nicely and it had a more mysterious vibe much like the first season. That said, I couldn’t help but laugh at Issei and unfortunately not in a good way.

The first was when he’d returned from training and Rias was telling him how much he’d grown as he sobbed like a baby for having to sleep outdoors and alone. Then, there was the dinner with Rias’ parents and once again everything seemed to float over his clueless head. It’s one thing to be the generic harem lead, but they’ve taken it too far and now he’s just annoying.


Well, this episode was pretty boring. Last episode seemed to be leading somewhere, and it’s clear that these episodes are heading somewhere, but this episode just sort of stalled out. If anything was gained from the training, we didn’t see it here.

The episode also gave us minimal fan service, and a lot of boring interactions that didn’t really seem exciting. Even Koneko’s story doesn’t really excite me at all. I was hoping they’d jump right into something but I guess that’s not going to happen, but we’ll see. At the very least, let’s get some fan service, right? This time, I think the mid-episode transitions were actually the best part of the entire episode.

Episode Highlights

Staying with the Gremorys!

After the Training!

Mid-Episode Transitions!

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