High School DxD BorN (Episode 3) – Cat and Dragon

What’s in store for us next in High School DxD BorN? When we last left off, Issei and Rias had just left the gathering of devils to follow Koneko, who met with her sister…

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Cat and Dragon

Rias and Issei are quickly found out by Koneko’s sister, Kuroka, who is accompanied by Sun Wukong. Wukong soon after attacks Issei and Rias, but the devil dragon from earlier that was training Issei arrives to take on Wukong. In the meantime, Rias and Issei battle with Kuroka. Initially, Issei is unable to achieve balance breaker, but an idea then comes to him and he asks to poke Rias’ breasts. She obliges and he presses down on her nipples, causing him to achieve balance breaker and fend off Kuroka, who ends up fleeing with Wukong.

Meanwhile back at the meeting, the Archangel Michael and Odin both arrive to sign a peace between the different supernatural factions. Loki arrives and summons Fenrir to cause trouble, but he is soon beat back and forced to flee as well.

After everything, we get a short bath scene with some of the girls and the episode is wrapped up!

Episode Thoughts


I think it’s interesting that the viking mythology would now be brought into the fold. Considering Sun Wukong had already been introduced, it’s really no surprise I guess. I thought Fenrir looked really derpy which made me laugh. I know he’s supposed to be very strong and all, but he looks pretty funny with his tiny little head compared to the rest of his body!

I’d say it was a good episode. Good action, good fan service. It was nice to see Issei finally man up and touch Rias’ breasts for once. It’s clear that the season is building up the threat of this enemy faction containing Vali, Wukong, Kuroka, Loki, and maybe more that I’ve forgotten. I guess we’ll see where things go from here, anyways.


So… this episode was funny, but also a bit ridiculous. The fact that Kuroka stood back and gave Issei enough time to poke Rias’ boobs was really dumb. I get that she might have been surprised by Rias’ actions, but still. It was funny and mostly because of Koneko’s reactions to Issei and how she went from calling him the first Red Dragon Emperor they could be kind of proud of to the worst!

I’m finding the chaos brigade to be a bit of a joke overall as well. Loki complete with Fenrir was easily taken care of and that seems to be a fairly common thing when facing them. It was a fine episode in which Koneko and Kuroka were the stars. I also didn’t really care for Odin.

Episode Highlights

Encounter with Kuroka!

Odin’s Arrival & Loki’s Attack!

Balance Breaker!

Bath Scene!

Mid Episode Transitions!

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