High School DxD BorN (Episode 4) – Interception, Commence!

It seems the trouble with Loki isn’t yet over with. Due to the threat he poses, the three factions decide to send a team after him consisting of most of our favourite characters.

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Interception, Commence!

Loki has been imprisoned somewhere, but it won’t hold for long. As a result, 10 individuals can be sent to fight him and stall for time while the conference continues. It’s soon decided that Rias, Akeno, Issei, Koneko, Kiba, Xenovia, Sona, Saji, Tsubaki, and the valkyrie Rossweisse will go.

When they arrive, Loki breaks out of his prison and summons several creatures, including Fenrir. The fighting begins and continues until most of the creatures have been dispatched. We learn about Tsubaki’s ability, Mirror Alice, which reflects magic back to the caster. We also find out that Irina has become an angel, somehow. During this time, Odin was able to send Mjolnir to the battle, which only Issei is powerful enough to wield. However, before he can grasp the legendary weapon, he is bitten by Fenrir.

As all of their healing items had been used up, it looks grim for Issei, who has massive puncture wounds in his body. In a rage, Rias begins to channel some powerful magic…

Episode Thoughts


Well, Issei died, I guess it’s time to call it a day. There’s no way he could possibly come back from this one right? If only they had one more vial of phoenix tears! When will they learn?

Sarcasm aside, this was a fun episode with lots of action. One thing, however, is I really wish that they would come up with a good reason as to why the big bad villain hadn’t used his power to crush everyone in the first place. For the most part, Loki was just floating around, summoning monsters, and doing little else.

Apparently, he had the power to end things much sooner and just chose not to. Much like before he was imprisoned. It makes no sense. If he wanted to start Ragnarok he could have done it anytime from anywhere and not had a bunch of teenage devils to bother him. It made for some fun anime, but the logic is lost! Rossweisse is cool though!


While I enjoyed the action with Kuroka last episode, Loki was a disappointment. This episode, he was also a disappointment. But, the action itself was really good. It was just that Loki was the typical lame villain that stands back and summons a bunch of henchmen to fight for him while he does nothing until he has to that I didn’t like. I thought he was supposed to be a trickster? I would have expected him to jump in and strike at people while they were pre-occupied with his creatures.

Anyways, as usual, action heavy means ecchi light, and that was the case here too. Still a couple panty shots though which are appreciated. It’s funny how panty shots never seem to get old!

Episode Highlights

The Fellowship of the DxD!

The Fight Begins!

Issei Down!

Mid Episode Transitions

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