High School DxD BorN (Episode 6) – Second Semester has Started!

It’s back to school for Rias and her devil family, which must mean that it’s time for everything to back to normal! Or maybe not, because it looks like the beginnings of another story arc!

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Second Semester has Started!

With school starting up again, Issei and Asia are surprised with Irina being enrolled into their class. We learn afterwards that Irina was sent by Michael to join them and help them train. A welcoming party is held for Irina at the mansion, and we discover that Rossweisse is there, having been left behind by Odin. While out shopping for the party, Asia and Issei run into a demon – Diodora, who claims to have been healed by Asia in the past, and asks for her hand in marriage. After this, his attempts to get Asia’s attention increase, as he sends letters and whatnot for her.

At school, student’s roles are picked for the upcoming sports festival. Issei and Asia end up having to do the three-legged race together, and so they begin to practice for it, which leads to Xenovia cornering them in the gym storage shed and forcing herself upon Issei. Asia then joins in, and they are stopped by Irina. Finally, Rias reveals that the occult research club is taking part in a rating game, and that their first match is against Diodora.

Episode Thoughts


The best moment was obviously in the sports equipment shed, but other than that, it was pretty uneventful. This episode was obviously all about reminding us of Diadora (or introducing him as pretty much all of the other young devils were forgotten almost instantly). So, of course, they now have a ratings game against the guy that has been stalking Asia.

I’m finding Issei’s reaction to be a bit over the top to the whole thing. All right, Diadora’s sending love letter… it’s not like he’s kidnapped her or anything… yet! Anyhow, I am finding Issei to be more annoying on this watching than the first time. He has his good moments, too though. I also miss the darker tone of the first season as the series has gotten less serious as it goes on.


Well I don’t remember Diodora at all, but I guess he’s now someone to watch out for. Aside from him though, it was a pretty tame episode, which is good I think considering the last arc just wrapped up. I wonder what’s going to happen with Rossweisse, or however you spell her name. Seemed random to just drop her in there.

I liked the fan service this episode. There was a decent amount of it, and I can’t say “no” to Xenovia ecchi, although I can say “no” to Asia… My favourite though was just ecchi shots of background characters, which is something I’m a big fan of. So shots of girls in gym outfits in this case. I don’t really know what it is about background characters, but I’m a fan in the case of DxD.

Episode Highlights

Back to School!

Good Morning!

Sports Festival “Practice”!

Mid Episode Transitions!

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