High School DxD BorN (Episode 7) – The Night Before Battle!

It’s the last fan service bout before the action picks up once again in High School DxD BorN, and once again High School DxD was quite generous!

This Post Contains NSFW Images!

The Night Before Battle!

Diodora visits the occult research club in order to offer a trade – two of his bishops for Asia. He is refused, and so he promptly leaves. That night, the final night before the rating game, Issei and Koneko are approached by Kuroka and Vali, and warned about Diodora.

When Issei arrives home he finds Akeno, Asia, and Xenovia wearing very revealing clothing – their way of “rewarding” Issei for having helped them at some point in the past. Rias then sees this and gets jealous, getting her own outfit, to which Akeno counters with an even more revealing outfit. The two clash before things calm down again. Issei helps Xenovia train a little before the battle begins, offering her Ascalon, the holy sword given to him by Michael.

When the group arrives to the arena chosen for the rating game, they are ambushed by a group of devils from the Old Satan Faction. Diodora kidnaps Asia, and then challenges Issei to get her back, before leaving to the nearby temple. Reinforcements soon arrive though, as Azazel, Sirzechs, and Odin had known about what was going to happen. They take care of the small fry while the occult research club is left to rescue Asia.

Episode Thoughts


Well there was plenty of great fan service to enjoy this time around. Seeing so much of Kuroka was much appreciated, and it was also nice to see more of Xenovia. Akeno and Rias are great and all, but I have to admit that it’s getting a little stale for me, this being the third season of seeing them and all.

As for the story, I can’t help but feel like once again, Asia is just not very useful. She can heal which is great, but it always feels like she’s a burden on the team more than anything else. Koneko’s change also felt a little too quick I think, how she went from knocking Issei out and calling him a pervert to exposing herself to him.

It was pretty obvious that something was going to happen with Diodora, so that wasn’t a surprise. But I have to admit, I was kind of just hoping we’d get to see a proper rating game with no interference. Oh well!


I’d agree with everything you’ve said. Rather than creating interesting scenarios where the girls get to show off their skills, we’re just bludgeoned over the head with it. It’s nice, but it lacks any imagination and as such loses a lot of the heat that should come with it.

And again, Asia really doesn’t do much to move anything alone except by being a damsel in distress. Why is no one holding her hand all the time? It should be obvious that she will get taken at some point, especially when facing Diodora.

I still maintain my belief that the story hasn’t really done much since the end of season one. That was peak High School DxD. Since then, it feels like we’re coasting and just going through the motions.

Episode Highlights

Meeting Diodora!

Meeting Kuroka + Vali!

Issei’s “Reward”!

Before the Rating Game!

It’s a Trap!

Mid Episode Transitions!

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