High School DxD BorN (Episode 8) – We Will Save Asia!

With Asia captured, it’s up to Issei and friends to get her back from Diodora. Which means a lot of fighting, which, luckily for us, happens to be against a bunch of women…

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We Will Save Asia!

Issei and crew enter the temple where Diodora is waiting, because apparently instead of fleeing with Asia he decided to stick around and use her to goad his enemies. The group is split up into smaller units to fight Diodora’s own servants.

It’s during this fight that Issei discovers that his opponents are all women, after he uses a dress break on them. But it fails, because their sense of shame is suppressed by Diodora. Issei is forced to use a new technique to read the girls moves – by listening to their breasts. He then uses Akeno and Rias’ rivalry to get them fired up, helping them defeat their own enemies.

After the battle, the group advances to Diodora. We learn a bit about how Diodora got Asia kicked out of the church, and how he likes to capture women from the church and make them his servants. After hearing this, Issei quickly defeats Diodora, and then destroys the bindings holding Asia hostage. Afterwards, Asia thanks Issei, and prays, causing her to disappear.

Episode Thoughts


For me, this was one of the better episodes in this season. There was plenty of action and we got to see what happens when dress-break is countered, and it was pretty good. It was funny that it backfired on Issei as it was too distracting to fight properly. I did enjoy booby-lingual too, as ridiculous as that was.

My big criticism is that Issei didn’t blew Diodora in two with his cannon. I know it’s a rating game format, so he would have probably been all right anyhow, but I would have liked to see some actual carnage.

Finally, the end where Asia ran away from the group to pray for Issei felt like a really lazy way to get her away from the group so that she could be stolen away again. There seems to be a lot of scenes in this series where the transitions aren’t thought through and characters just seem to do odd things to fit the story.


Diodora was never really bright. If it was explained why he decided to stick around after capturing Asia, I missed it. He made himself an enemy of all of the demons, and by extension, the angels and norse gods it seems. But instead of flee with his prize, he stuck around. Even if he defeated Issei and friends, I have to imagine someone else would have brought him down.

On another note, Diodora’s servants were nice to see. As I always say, background character ecchi is underrated, it’s always nice to see fan service of random girls. Especially in a long running show like High School DxD, where we’ve seen countless highlights of the main cast already, and likely will continue to see more as we go.

Diodora was a pretty lame antagonist in the end, but hey, we got some good fan service from his servants so it’s not all that bad in the end.

Episode Highlights

Battle with Diodora’s Servants!

A Random Freed Appears!

Confronting Diodora!

Freeing Asia!

Mid Episode Transitions!

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