High School DxD BorN (Episode 9) – Dragon of Dragon

Asia has disappeared, a new powerful foe appears, Issei loses control, and more! High School DxD continues!

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Dragon of Dragon

After Asia disappears, everyone is shocked, but Issei and Xenovia in particular lose their temperament. An enemy, one of the “old blood” demons, appears. He easily stops Xenovia’s attack, and then Issei loses control of himself. Issei transforms and easily defeats the enemy, but has no control over himself due to his anger and despair.

Vali and friends arrive, having found Asia in the void. Vali then transforms and divides Issei’s energy, allowing Rias to get close and talk to him. Issei is saved, Asia was saved, and then we learn that Vali and friends’ goal is to slay the dragon of dragons, a giant dragon that flies around the void.

Episode Thoughts


Well, it’s not exactly surprising that everything worked out in the end. Last episode I hadn’t even gotten the impression that Asia had been sent away by an enemy or anything like that. The whole ordeal seemed a little rushed, with her disappearing and coming back in the same episode, and with this enemy being destroyed almost immediately the way he was.

Seeing Issei’s transformation was pretty cool though, and there were some cool moments in the episode. But it wasn’t really amazing overall, I think.


Agreed, I enjoyed the full-on dragon rage that made Issei almost unstoppable. However, once more we have been introduced to a random powerful devil who has been instantly destroyed. We’re given a little context, but it’s just the same weak-ass introduce villain, kill villain, forget about villain type of scenario.

There’s obviously a lot more story that we are seeing and I don’t think the best way to bring it all in is like this. Sometimes, the story has to be cut back for the anime. There’s nothing wrong with that, although there seems to be a big outcry anytime a show does that…

Then, Vali finding Asia in the void, when it was against all probability makes the entire series of events completely pointless. There must have been a different option rather than having Vali magically find her and bring her back.

Episode Highlights

New Enemy!

Saving Issei!

Mid Episode Transitions!

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