High School DxD (Episode 1) – I Got a Girlfriend!

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Ordinary highschool pervert Issei Hyoudou finds out that the world isn’t what he thought it was, thanks to his first girlfriend. No, the world is much more dangerous, and ecchi, than he could have ever imagined!

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Hello everyone! It’s about time that we went about going through and highlighting Highschool DxD, one of the most popular ecchi anime to have ever been!

To commemorate this infamous title, Lynn and I (Yomu) have decided to cover Highschool DxD together, with brief discussions of our favourite moments and other thoughts pertaining to each episode as we go. And of course we’ll be including all of the best ecchi highlights for each episode, for everyone to enjoy.

So with that, here’s to the beginning of Highschool DxD!

Highschool DxD Rias Sunset

I Got a Girlfriend!

Issei Hyoudou is an ordinary highschool boy who is desperate for some female attention. And lucky for him, he get’s just that! On his way home from school after an ordinary day of fantasizing about girls with his friends, Issei is confronted by a girl named Amano Yuuma. She asks to be his girlfriend, which he gladly accepts.

The next day, Issei goes on a date with Amano. They go clothes shopping, to a cafe, and then they finish the date off at a park. Amano asks Issei for one tiny favour, to commemorate their date – for Issei to die. Amano then transforms, growing large black wings. She summons a spear, and stabs Issei in the stomach.

With his mind moving fast, and full of regret, Issei thinks about the most popular girl in school – Rias. A red-haired, big chested beauty. If he’s going to die, he just wishes he could die in her bosom. Rias then appears and asks Issei to devote his life to her. He blacks out.

The next day Issei wakes up believing that what happened in the park was a dream, but still remembering Amano. He begins to feel odd though, as his friends don’t remember her, and he can’t find any pictures of her on his phone. He ends up going for a walk to collect his thoughts, and finds himself back in that park.

There he is confronted by a man in a trenchcoat. The man summons a spear of light, and impales Issei. Once again Issei is on the brink of death. Rias and several other students wearing the school uniform appear, and the man in the trenchcoat, a fallen angel, is driven off.

Issei wakes up the next morning to find a naked Rias in his bed. She tells him that she is his new master…!

Favorite Moments


I loved Rias’ confidence. Every time she’s on the screen, it’s impossible to look away. From the time she appeared to save Issei from death to the time, she appeared to save Issei from death again… One episode and Issei has pretty much died twice, but then the second time, he woke up in bed with a naked Rias and there is just so much confidence, it’s hard not to instantly fall for her at that moment. So, rather unsurprisingly, Rias was my favorite moment.


Rias is definitely eye-catching, especially early on in the series! A fiery gem. My favourite moments in this episode were the two moments where Issei was stabbed, first by Amano, and then by that trenchcoat wearing fallen angel. The idea that Issei was just a loser who then nearly died twice, but survived, really helps to build up his image as someone who can be strong. Even if he had help via healing magic, I’d like to think that Issei proved himself in those two moments, even if all he did was survive in the end thanks to Rias.

Episode Thoughts


It’s funny you mention Issei because he kind of had the opposite effect on me. I first watched this series a couple of years ago and I binged the first three seasons, so a lot of it has merged into one glorious thing in my head. Watching just this episode left me a little bit unsatisfied. I still enjoyed it and I like the old fashioned language choices and weird music, but Issei really annoyed the crap out of me in this one. I’m sure it won’t continue that way.


That’s true. I’d say it felt like is in over his head right now with what’s going on. He was built up with the prospect of a girlfriend, and then brought down when she stabbed him and erased people’s memories of her. And then built up with Rias, and sort of brought down when he was stabbed once again.


It did a great job of introducing the mystery of the world, but other than Issei there was very little in the way of character development which is fine, it is the first episode after all. One thing I found to be quite shocking was just how big everyone’s ears were. At one point Issei and his friends were sat on the grass and they looked like the See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Monkeys. I don’t remember that from my first viewing.


I actually didn’t notice that, but my eyes were on alert for some ecchi. And DxD delivered with a ton of amazing ecchi content, more than I had expected, to be honest! My personal highlights there were the two girls who were changing, the one with the pink bra and the one with the striped panties. Great stuff.


Well, this is Ecchi Hunter! I thought the transformation of the girlfriend into the Fallen Angel was a pretty awesome moment too. Her costume slithering over her like a black goo was very revealing.


And with that, let’s get to the ecchi highlights from the episode…!

Ecchi Highlights

Ordinary School Life

Highschool DxD Issei Friends
Highschool DxD Kendo Girl Breasts Bra Uncensored
Highschool DxD Kendo Girl Panties Uncensored
Highschool DxD Issei Caught

Rias Gremory Introduction

Highschool DxD Rias Shower Uncensored

Stabbed By Amano Yuuma

Stabbed Once Again

Morning With Rias

Mid-Episode Transitions

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  1. The great work of the ecchi genre is finally on the blog, excellent.

    • We figured it was best to wait until we were sure people would see it. Love this series, it’s going to be wild reliving it.

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