High School DxD (Episode 10) – The Showdown Begins!

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It’s time for the Ratings Game between the House of Gremory and the House of Phenex! Everyone is ready and raring to go, but how much use will Issei be and what is his new move?

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I Pick a Fight!

It’s the night before the Ratings Game and Issei and Asia can’t sleep. The idea of going into battle is weighing on their minds, even if it is only a game. But how can it be only a game it Rias is forced to marry that scumbag, Riser Phenex if they lose? All they can do is fight!

With the players in position, the Ratings Game begins and the battleground is an exact replica of the school. This surely gives Rias the advantage and she’s quick to set traps for Riser’s pieces. There’s one last thing to do and that’s to unlock some of Issei’s power. As he has all eight pawns in him, Rias was careful not to overload him all at once, but now that’s he trained hard, it’s time to give him a boost!

Issei joins Koneko in the battle and they head to the gymnasium where they come up against four of Riser’s girls. Koneko focuses on the opposing Rook, Xuelan, while Issei has to take on three pawns, Nel, Ile, and Mira. To be honest, it’s not looking good for Issei, but then he unleashes his secret weapon. It’s a new technique called Dress Break and it does exactly what you think it does. Suddenly, all three of Issei’s opponents are naked and unable to fight.

Once Issei and Koneko are outside, Akeno destroys the gymnasium with the four girls within, taking them out of the game. Kiba has had similar luck with another three pawns, but then Riser’s queen enters the battle and in one attack, Koneko is removed from the game.

Favorite Moments


I have to say, it was very satisfying watching Issei hold his own in a fight. Powering up and avoiding the attacks of several enemy pawns while landing strikes of his own was great. Of course, he merely touched them, in order to unleash a more.. psychological attack, but the point stands that he could have just as easily struck them instead of leaving a mark.

It’s really just refreshing to get some quality action in this ecchi-dominant anime, as many other ecchi series tend to be a little lacklustre in the action department.


Yeah, seeing Issei’s dress break technique was hilarious and I loved his reaction. Even better though was Koneko and Xuelan’s reaction. Both stopped mid-fight to call him a pervert.

I think Xuelan may be one of my new favourite characters that I missed the first time around. She’s the one that looks suspiciously like Chun Li!


Agreed, she was some great eye candy.


She deserves better than Riser, that’s for sure. It was also pretty spectacular seeing Akeno in action. She sure knows how to blow stuff up!


They all deserve better than Riser! It almost feels like they’re just a harem of gold diggers who are with him for his money and power, because his personality is so awful I don’t see how he could keep them any other way.

Maybe they never had a choice though, and have just gotten used to it.


That’s possible. Maybe we need to fund a campaign to free Riser’s harem and find them better representation?!

Episode Thoughts


First, I thought the moments leading up to the game, with Issei and Asia nervously waiting, were really well done. I could sense the tension and apprehensiveness, so much so that I made a note to mention it here. Might be a small detail, but it’s a great one.

My other thought was just that I am pleased with how quickly the episode jumped into the action once it got started. No time was wasted, and it felt like a lot got done. The game was set up, introduced, and commenced fairly quickly which allowed for all that great action.


Yeah, that was a nice moment and things really got going quick. I liked the way they set up the traps for Riser’s team with the advantageous knowledge of the locale.


I will admit that it feels like they are setting up for a “fall”. All of these decisive victories make it seem like Rias and her servants are unstoppable, but it’d be boring if they didn’t run into some roadblocks. Once Riser himself comes out I’m expecting some losses.


It was all a little too easy and with the exception of Koneko, everyone survived the initial onslaught. Of course, most of them were pawns and once Riser’s queen entered the action is changed pretty quickly.


What did you think of the ecchi content this time around? Good balance considering the action focus?


For sure. It’s what you’d expect from a fight scene in an ecchi series, clothes shredding everywhere you look. The fights were a lot of fun too. It’s a shame we won’t see more of most them.


Yeah, it’s quite the price to pay, being introduced to all these new attractive characters just for them to never appear again. But it keeps things fresh, as sometimes an ecchi series will only offer ecchi content for the same characters over and over…


Variety and all that. Although, I will be planning a fanfiction series that follows Xuelan as she escapes from Riser’s grasp and creates her own harem… Otherwise, I’m looking forward to the remainder of the ratings match.


Creates her own harem? Haha, keep us posted on that one…


Will do. They say if the story you want to read doesn’t exist, you should write it yourself. And I’d like to read that!


Me too!

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