High School DxD (Episode 11) – The Acclaimed Battle Continues!

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The rating game between Rias and Riser is in full-swing. While Rias seemed to take the upper hand at first, Riser answered back with his Queen delivering a powerful blow to Koneko. The battle continues!

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The Acclaimed Battle Continues!

Koneko is down, and she phases out of the rating game to be treated outside. Akeno arrives to take on the enemy queen, and Issei regroups with Kiba who had no trouble taking care of the three enemies that wandered into his traps. Rias instructs them to cause a distraction and draw the enemy to them while she moves in for a killing blow on Riser. While he can’t be killed, he can still feel pain, allegedly.

Kiba and Issei follow orders and head to the track field. An enemy knight engages Kiba, and a group of pawns + rook surround Issei. Issei manages to defeat the rook by using his dress break followed by a blast of energy. Rias engages Riser on the school’s rooftop.

This gets Issei fired up and he requests more power from the Red Dragon Emporer. He is granted a new ability – transfer. Kiba then fires a blast at Issei, which is absorbed into his Boosted Gear and then released into the ground creating an explosion of swords emerging from the ground, defeating everyone in the area except for the enemy bishop (Riser’s little sister).

Akeno is then defeated, as the enemy queen had used a potion that allowed her to restore all of her strength. Issei heads up to the roof to fight with Rias. Asia is defeated while healing Issei, and then Issei becomes engaged with Riser. Rias, unable to watch Riser threaten to kill Issei, forfeits the match.

The rating game is over!

Favorite Moments


Well, it was pretty much all fights, but the best moment for me was when Kiba stopped in the middle of his fight to apologize to his opponent for Issei being such a pervert.


Haha. A lot like last episode where Koneko and her opponent stopped to revile at Issei. I thought it was a nice touch, but I wonder about the diminishing returns on that joke…

As you say though, the entire episode was basically fighting. I’ll go with Issei’s new “Transfer” ability, allowing him to create an explosion of swords around him, defeating almost everyone. I liked how brutal it was, with girls being impaled by swords, I guess because they are in a rating game and don’t take the same damage in real life.


Yeah a floor full of swords was awesome. I thought it was also cool how Rias was fighting Riser with one breast exposed. Clearly Dress Break would be ineffective of her. I’ve always found the idea behind Dress Break to be silly because if your fighting, who cares if your clothes get ripped. You keep fighting.


I thought that too, but to be fair it’s not something that they would expect at all, BECAUSE they are fighting. Last episode I thought it was less believable, because the girls all just collapse and gave up. But this episode it was demonstrated better, where he destroyed the enemy rook’s clothes, and then when her reflexes kicked in to cover herself, he blasted her. All he needs is that moment of confusion / reflex to strike.

Episode Thoughts


I thought it was a really good episode and certain changes things up with Rias’ team losing. I don’t think I saw that coming when I first watched it.

We got more reasons to hate Riser and Rias’ sacrifice to save Issei was good too.


Yep. Issei’s eyes at the end, when Rias surrenders, tell the whole story there. I wouldn’t have minded seeing more of Riser’s abilities, but then I think him just taking attacks and not flinching suits his character so well.

You can tell that they tried to squeeze some ecchi in there with the dress break, those catgirls, and Rias’ exposed breast, but overall the episode comes off as one that was dominated by action. Do you think it was enough or would you rather have seen a little more ecchi content?


I was fine with it being mostly action with a handful of ecchi moments dropped in there. It’s nice to mix it up from time to time. It wasn’t at all like the action episodes in The Testament of Sister New Devil where everything was flat and uninteresting. That series is so reliant on the ecchi content where as this one would work without it. I’m glad that it’s here, but it would be pretty interesting either way.


Good point. It’s always interesting to pay attention to how series maintain that balance. Personally I would have liked a little more, either in the form of one of the queens or Riser’s arrogant sister…. but in reality the episode was great and did a good job. As you say, it could easily hold up even without the ecchi content, which is impressive.

Now we get to look forward to the aftermath of this episode. And the prospects of that alone are quite the cliffhanger!


It’s a really nice way to set up the finale. Everything went horribly wrong and Issei is up against the wall. It’s do or die and we’ve also arrived at a point where everything isn’t as clear cut as you thought it would be. Helps to keep things interesting.


That’s true, I forgot that this was the finale coming up!
Time flies when it comes to High School DxD!


Absolutely. Good thing there’s another three seasons!

Ecchi Highlights

Koneko Defeated

Issei and Kiba’s Distraction!

Issei Power Up!


Mid-Episode Transitions!

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