High School DxD (Episode 13 – OVA) – Oppai, Minorimasu!

It’s been too long since we last looked at High School DxD, and there’s still so much of the series to go. As such, it’s time we continue on with this legendary ecchi anime series. But before we get to S2, let’s look at the OVAs for S1!

This Post Contains NSFW Images!

Oppai, Minorimasu!

In this OVA, Rias and her minions capture a stray devil. Later on, they find out that large breasted women have been staying home from school lately. After a brief investigation, they discover a chimera to be the reason. Once it’s tracked down, the team arrives to find a giant plant chimera draining the breasts of two entranced girls from school.

After the girls leave, a battle ensues that results in the chimera grabbing all of the girls and beginning to suck on their breasts while dissolving their clothes. While in a bind, Greyfia appears before Rias to inform her that the plant produces fruit that, if eaten, will allow any girl to grow large breasts. Issei, extremely impressed by this feature, begins to protect the plant, until Rias tells him he can have his way with Akeno’s breasts if he helps out.

Issei transfers a load of power to Rias, the monster is defeated, and Issei then buried in the ground as punishment for having sympathized with the monster.

Ecchi Highlights

For these OVA episodes we’re just going to jump right into the highlights, so enjoy!

Girls Are Absent From School!

Monster First Appearance

The Girls Get Caught!

Mid-Episode Transitions

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