High School DxD (Episode 14 – OVA) – Oppai, Motomemasu!

Let’s continue on with the High School DxD OVAs with Episode 14! Once again, just like the last OVA episode, if you thought the regular season episodes were packed with fan service, just wait till you check this one out!

This Post Contains NSFW Images!

Oppai, Motomemasu!

In the first half, Issei and Asia ask Rias if they can tag along with everyone else to their contract appointments to observe and learn from the more experienced demons. What they find out is that Koneko, Kiba, and Akeno all perform fairly basic tasks just like we’ve seen Issei do in past episodes. Rias then invites them to come along with her to her own appointment – helping a researcher examine a cursed ancient Egyptian coffin.

In the second half, Rias ends up awakening the spirit within the coffin, which the possesses Issei and has the girls perform various tasks to release the seals on the spirit. After which the spirit awakens in his mummy body, and ends up tying all the girls up in bandages before Issei uses dress break to destroy the bandages and free the girls, who then annihilate the mummy.

Ecchi Highlights

Once again, there are a ton of highlights here so we’ll just get right to it!

Kiba’s Contract!

Akeno’s Contract!

Visiting the Coffin!

Issei Possessed & Breaking the Seals!

The Mummy Returns!

Dress Break!


Mid Episode Transitions!

Surprisingly, these are images of characters from S2!

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