High School DxD (Episode 2) – I’m Done Being Human!

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Issei died… or so he thought! Maybe it was a dream, but then when he wakes up to find Rias Gremory in bed with him naked, he doesn’t know what to think anymore…

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I’m Done Being Human!

So thinking is off the table. Maybe Issei can just stare at her perfect naked boobs! Hold on, did she just sit up and say that it would help him get a better look? Well, best to forget that, because Issei’s mom just walked in to find them both naked. This is the end of the world. Rias calms him and gets dressed. Quite unexpectedly, Rias walks to school with Issei before parting ways, but before leaving she tells him that she will send someone to collect him later.

Issei spent the entire day waiting to see who Rias was going to send and bizarrely, it’s Kiba, the school heartthrob. He takes Issei to the Occult Research Club where he meets Akeno and Koneko. Then, he hears Rias in a shower and instantly declares it the greatest club ever. Once Rias has emerged, she tells Issei that he was killed by Yuma, but she revived him as her devil servant. Then she reveals that all of the Occult Research Club are devils and a part of her family.

To start his life as a devil, Issei is required to deliver fliers. With that completed, he fills in for Koneko who has too many summonings to attend them all. The magic portal doesn’t work on Issei so he has to ride his bike, but when he gets there the client was expecting Koneko and didn’t believe a devil would come on a bike. Eventually, he lets Issei inside and they spend the evening talking about manga and anime.

On his way back to the Occult Research Club, having failed to make a pact, Issei is attacked by another Fallen Angel, but he manages to summon his sacred gear and fights back, shredding the Fallen Angel’s clothing, forcing her to flee. The next morning on the way to school, Issei spots a pair of panties, only they belong to a nun and she’s still wearing them!

Favorite Moments


While waking up to Rias is surely a moment to remember, I’d say my favourite moment from the episode was actually the time spent in the Occult Research Club. Mostly just dialogue and the like, but the world of DxD is a very interesting one, and I love learning more about it. Plus, I may be a minority here, but I actually prefer to see Rias & Akeno’s breasts with their shirts on, their nipples still visibly protruding.


Yeah, the Occult Research Club was good. It did a lot to set the stage and reveal just what Issei has got himself into. I will however politely disagree and go back to the opening scene in Issei’s bedroom.

That was excellent and once more I can’t help but admire Rias’ confidence and just how calm she was. I hate characters that turn to shrieking idiots the second something gets exposed. She’s just so damn nonchalant. I love it.

I also thought the scene where Rias was attacked by the Fallen Angel was good too, but mostly from a visual aspect. The purple tint on the moon as it hung behind the Fallen Angel looked awesome.


True on the Fallen Angel scene. DxD does a good job of setting the mood depending on what’s happening.

Episode Thoughts


Speaking of characters that turn into shrieking idiots, that’s exactly what our protagonist did. Personally, I’ve always had an issue with Issei doing this. He’s supposed to be a pervert, but then when he comes into contact with nudity, he turns into a shrieking idiot… what do you think about that?


Yeah, that’s always bugged me. He seems to be fine when he sees them, although he turns into a bit of a sniggering fool… huh huh, boobies! But, as soon as he gets into any position to do anything, he just falls to pieces. I guess this is what keeps it ecchi and not hentai. That said, he could keep his composure a little more.

All that said, I really enjoyed this episode, far more than the first one. It did a better job of introductions and world-building.


I’d say I preferred the first for how exciting it was, but this episode managed to give us some more quality ecchi content. We’ve got a lot of DxD to get through, and I’m going to say now that I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of Rias and Akeno!


Agreed. For one series to give me two of my all-time top ten waifu, it’s doing something right.

Ecchi Highlights

Waking up to Rias!

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 2 Rias Naked


The Occult Research Club!

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 2 Rias in the Shower

Try to Focus!

Welcome to the Family!

Another Fallen Angel!

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 2 Fallen Angel Kalawarner Cleavage

An Unexpected Encounter!

Mid-Episode Transitions!

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 2 Mid-Episode Poster Akeno Clothed
High School DxD Uncensored Episode 2 Mid-Episode Poster Akeno Undressed

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