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Issei comes across a Sister who was just stationed at a nearby church, but she was lost. Issei walks with her until the church is in sight. They part ways, but Issei will soon be reunited with the Sister in different circumstances…

I Made a Friend!

Her name is Asia Argento, and she’s totally Issei’s type – a blonde beauty. They begin to walk towards the church when Asia spots a kid with a scraped knee. She goes over and heals his injury, which causes Issei’s left hand to feel a sharp pain. Asia explains to him that her ability to heal is a power bestowed to her by God. Once the church is in sight, Issei feels a wave of dread. He decides to leave Asia there as a result.

That evening the Occult Research Club heads to an abandoned building to deal with a stray demon, which is a demon that betrayed its master and now roams the world consumed by its own corruption. Rias explains that each member of her club fulfills a role – Akeno is queen, Kiba is knight, Koneko is Rook, and Issei is pawn.

They come across the stray demon – a creature with the naked upper body of a woman, and a monstrous lower body. After some brief dialogue, she begins to attack. The club members work together to defeat her, with the fight showcasing their individual strengths – Kiba’s speed, Koneko’s power, and Akeno’s magic.

Afterwards, Rias asks Issei to handle one of Koneko’s requests, because once again, she has two and can only fulfill one. He enters a home to find the client dead. An exorcist named Freed Zelzan introduces himself and attacks Issei. Just as Issei is about to be slain, Asia enters the room and begins panicking. She asks Freed to spare Issei. This causes Freed to pin Asia to the wall and begin harassing her. He also lets slip that they are working with the fallen angels.

Rias and the rest of the club then teleport into the room through a magic circle, and begin to beat back Freed. They retrieve Issei, and then retreat, leaving Asia with Freed, much to Issei’s dismay.

Favorite Moments


For me, there were several good moments in episode 3. Firstly, the introduction of Asia and her power was cool. I think Issei gave himself away by not being surprised about her being able to heal people, but then Asia didn’t seem to notice. Then there was the rogue devil. I thought that was a great idea as it showed that devils have differing roles in the story. It was funny when the rogue devil appeared and all Issei could do was… huh, huh, boobies! Then when she fired acid from her nipples, I was like whaaaat!

One thing about the rogue devil scene. It took place in a building with a round exterior and pillars. Now, I’m certain this building shows up later in the series too and also in Testament of Sister New Devil. Is this an iconic building in Japan?

Highschool DxD Uncensored Building


Haha! That nipple attack surprised me too! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I really enjoyed that stray demon fight too. I got a good laugh at Issei’s reaction, going from “boobies!” to “what the hell?!”. Just hilarious. The whole fight was great, getting a chance to see everyone’s powers. Plus I thought it was cool when Issei protected Rias.

No clue about that building though, I didn’t even notice it to be honest.

The last scene with Freed and Asia was quite exciting also. Felt good for Rias and party to show up and stave him off, although what an ending with Issei having to leave Asia behind…!


Yeah, and the implication that Freed is working with the Fallen Angels too makes things interesting. I liked that Issei actually saved Rias after she pulled him out of the way of the nipple acid when he was too busy ogling the demon boobs. About time he became useful. It was cool seeing Akeno going full deviant too and then Issei’s disappointment at being a pawn.

Episode Thoughts


It was awesome to see a story developing with Freed and Asia’s roles, as so far, it’s all been introductions and world-building. I really enjoyed this one and there were some cool ecchi moments too.


I’m always a fan of when anime manages to combine ecchi and action in a way that still feels believable. The stray demon, and Freed’s actions both felt believable, and it’s great to see DxD adding ecchi to scenes of different tones. Not all ecchi has to be displayed in a goofy context!


Agreed. It often too easy for ecchi to be thrown in for the sake of it and it often feels forced and unwelcome. So, finding that balance is something that DxD does really well.


The more, the better. I think we’ve covered enough for now, so let’s just jump to the ecchi!

Ecchi Highlights

Meeting Asia Argento

Rogue Demon Extermination

Asia & Freed Encounter

Mid-Episode Transitions

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