High School DxD (Episode 4) – I’m Saving My Friend!

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Issei bumped into Asia while trying to get stronger and ended up spending the day together. Everything seemed to be going well until Raynare showed up and took Asia by force!

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I’m Saving My Friend!

Having healed Issei from his encounter with the rogue exorcist, Freed, Rias tried to explain that Issei should not see Asia again and that devils and the church don’t mix and certainly not fallen angels. He needs to be careful, especially as she only just added him to her family.

Frustrated that he couldn’t help, Issei starts training. He needs to get stronger. He’s not going to be a burden anymore. Then, he bumps into Asia and ignores Rias’ advice. They spend the day together, have lunch and go to the arcade. Issei even wins her a stuffed toy. It felt like the date he should have had as his first date.

Then, just as things were looking good Raynare showed up and mocked Issei once more. She told Asia to come with her, but Issei refused and activated his sacred gear. This just made Raynare laugh even more and then she threw a bolt of light at Issei, forcing Asia to go with Raynare to protect him.

Rias told Issei that he should not go and rescue Asia. He’s not strong enough to do it alone. Then Akeno whispered into Rias ear and the two left suddenly. Issei was determined to rescue Asia and was going to do it whatever it meant. Luckily, Koneko and Kiba interpreted Rias’ advice differently and agreed to help him. It’s time to rescue Asia!

Favorite Moments


I thought the fight with Freed was excellent. A great display of teamwork between the demons. Plus Issei got to power up by promoting himself to a rook, as he was a “pawn in enemy territory”. I thought that was really cool. While normally I’d say “Why not just go for Queen?” every time, I think it’s fair that he chose rook as Knight or Queen would probably require more practise / skill on his part.


Yeah, that was a fun fight and seeing Koneko really letting loose was awesome.

I actually really enjoyed the buildup to that where Rias appeared to be telling Issei off, but Kiba and Koneko read it an entirely different way. Then, of course, you have Rias and Akeno keeping the other fallen angels busy and how about Akeno’s transformation?


Oh, that was most definitely a nice moment. I love shrine priestesses in anime, so both the transformation and it’s end result are great in my books.


Akeno is awesome and it’s great to see her doing what she loves… torturing her enemies…

Episode Thoughts


Fun episode, and it’s clear that the story is only half-finished in regards to Asia. I’m not a huge fan of.. how would you call it.. fan service of a girl tied up? However you’d describe Asia in chains there at the end. Innocent panty shots and nipples protruding through shirts is more my taste, personally. But I think the fight with Freed was the most memorable moment, that and the way Rias/Akeno drew the powerful enemies away from the church which was clever.


I’d agree with you with regards to Asia. It reminds me of Freezing where there were ecchi moments that felt wrong because they were happening because of bullying or worse. Ecchi is supposed to make us happy, not leave us feeling weird.

I enjoyed seeing Raynare again as she took Asia away and I feel like they could have used Raynare a little more in the series overall. It’s obviously left us open for some big things in the next episode.


Oh, I love Raynare. Even if she’s ended up being a sort of stereotypical power-hungry character, that caricature of a villain is just fun to watch. Plus she’s got a great body herself…!


Amazing body…

Ecchi Highlights

Healing Issei!

Raynare Finds Issei and Asia!

Rias’ Advice!

Going After Asia!

It’s a Trap!

Akeno Transforms!

Too Late!

Mid-Episode Transitions!

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 4 Mid-Episode Poster Asia Clothed
High School DxD Uncensored Episode 4 Mid-Episode Poster Asia Undressed

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