High School DxD (Episode 5) – I Will Defeat My Ex-Girlfriend!

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Issei, Koneko and Kiba arrive just in time to see Asia in chains, as Raynare works to steal her sacred gear. Will they be able to save Asia before it’s too late?

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I Will Defeat My Ex-Girlfriend!

The episode jumps right into it, with Asia in danger. Koneko and Kiba jump into action by holding off the nameless cultists in the room, creating an opportunity for Issei to save Asia. But when Issei gets to Asia, it’s too late – the ritual is finished. Raynare takes Asia’s sacred gear for herself, discarding the body of Asia, which is on the brink of death.

In the meantime, Rias and Akeno are fighting the three more powerful fallen angels outside. They begin to make fun of Issei, and how Raynare deceived him, and Rias becomes angry. She then blasts them all with overwhelming magic power.

After getting over his initial shock, Issei grabs Asia and runs. He makes it back upstairs and lays Asia’s body onto a pew (bench). She says some last words to Issei, and then passes away. Raynare arrives shortly after to gloat, and Issei becomes enraged. Raynare impales both of Issei’s legs with spears of light, but Issei’s emotions are running so high that his sacred gear is able to continually boost his abilities.

Issei then sprouts demon wings and jumps at Raynare, knocking her out of the church in a single punch. Rias and Akeno arrive shortly after, and drag Raynare back with them. Koneko and Kiba also arrive back upstairs. Raynare becomes desperate, and tries to win Issei back over by acting like Yuuma, the girl that Issei dated in episode 1, but he isn’t convinced anymore. Issei gives the word and Rias finishes Raynare off.

Asia’s sacred gear is returned to her, but it’s still too late. Luckily, Rias still doesn’t have a bishop in her cadre of demons. Deciding that Asia’s ability to heal even demons is useful, Rias uses her bishop piece to resurrect Asia as a demon. After this, everyone celebrates Asia’s introduction into Rias’ family.

Favourite Moments


This episode had a lot of rage in it and I loved it. Firstly, you had Issei understandably getting agree at Raynare for pretty much killing Asia and then mocking her. Fight!

Then, we had Rias and Akeno toying with the fallen angels until one of them made a disparaging comment about her servants. Rias got pretty angry and even Akeno acknowledged that it wasn’t a good idea to upset the Princess of Destruction! Double fight!


Issei’s arm getting an upgrade was pretty cool too. It was great watching Raynare go from extremely overconfident to less and less so throughout the fight and afterwards, until she was reduced to a begging wreck. It’s too bad though that we won’t get to see more Yuuma, because I also really liked that side of her.

Episode Thoughts


It was obviously the wrap up of the Asia arc and it ended well. Issei got a power boost and proved it wasn’t just a standard useless sacred gear. I liked that Issei learnt that he was all eight of Rias’ pawns. It was also great to see Asia brought in as a part of Rias’ family and her sacred gear being returned to her.

And then we got a little tease of things to come.


Indeed, Issei gets to be Rias’ adorable little pawn, but it’s clear that he’s going to keep getting stronger from here. At the moment everyone else is out of his reach, but I think it won’t be too long before he surpasses Koneko and Kiba with his sacred gear. Especially if he continues to use the promotion ability like he did last episode, although I’m not sure how often he’ll get that chance.

Ecchi wise, Raynare really delivered this episode I’d say.


Raynare always delivers. I’m going to miss her… At least we have Rias and Akeno to console us…


Plus I’m sure Asia will manage to fall down some more here and there for the panty shots!

Episode Highlights

Save Asia!

Multiple Fights!

Raynare Defeated & Saving Asia


Mid-Episode Transitions!

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