High School DxD (Episode 6) – I Work as a Devil!

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Issei is struggling to cut it as a devil, unable to make a contract and generally being pretty weak! Rias decides she’s going to train him personally and if he does well, there could be a reward!

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I Work as a Devil!

Having become a part of Rias’ family, Asia is living at the clubhouse which is making things interesting. Meanwhile, Rias has taken it upon herself to whip Issei into shape. They begin with a run which was more like Rias chasing Issei on a bike. Then they did some stretches and pushups. Seriously, if Issei can’t get motivated to work out with Rias sitting on him, the guy needs help.

With training out of the way, Rias has more plans for Issei. She goes back to his house with Asia in tow and reveals that Asia will be living with Issei. She goes inside and explains the situation to Issei’s parents who are shocked that anyone would want to live with their horndog son, let alone a girl.

The next morning, Asia attends their school and joins Issei’s class and literally everyone is shocked to learn she’s living with Issei. With the pressure to succeed getting to him, Issei goes to lie down in the nurse’s office and wakes to find Rias sleeping beside him… naked! She tells him that she wants to help him and offers an incentive if he can secure a contract on his next summons. To make things easier, she’ll even go with him.

On the summons, Issei and Rias meet a girl dressed as a samurai who has fallen in love and wants their help to make things happen. Issei is sceptical, but Rias keeps him focused and they send a love letter to the mysterious man. He shows up dressed as a knight with the arrow from the love letter embedded in his helmet. He returned her affection and everyone lived happily ever after. Well, apart from Issei who wasted his chance to touch Rias’ boobs because he couldn’t decide which one to start with…

Favorite Moments


A lot of small events took place this time. I’m going to say that my favourite moment was Rias in a tracksuit helping Issei train in the morning. It just felt like one of those moments where more is actually better, in terms of clothing… Rias’ curves were perfectly displayed in that tracksuit. Plus it seemed to be a great motivation for Issei.

The other scene that I really enjoyed was when Rias, Issei, and Asia sat down to talk with Issei’s parents about Asia living there. It was just a very funny scene watching Issei’s parents in absolute shock over how such a pure girl (Asia) could be interested in their son.


I loved the scene with the parents and their open reactions to Issei being a hopeless pervert and the thought that they would never be rid of him. That was some great comedy. Also, no complaints from me here with regards to the tracksuit. I do wonder how Issei is not the most motivated person in the world right now. Rias can sit on my back and I’ll do push-ups day and night…

My actual favourite moments, however, were when Issei woke up in the nurse’s room to find a naked Rias lying beside him. The shot from behind her revealed the most perfect anime bottom I have ever seen. I have the proof in the highlights below if you don’t believe me. Also, it was fairly entertaining if not a little infuriating watching Issei blow his chance to claim his reward to fondle Rias’ boobs.


Haha, well that’s just the nature of the show. Can’t let Issei actually get his way, or else he’d grow complacent… I guess? I don’t actually know why they can’t let Issei get his way, now that I think about it. To be fair though, Issei basically has chances to do such things every morning considering how often he wakes up next to a naked woman.


This is too true. He must be pretty frustrated by now.

Episode Thoughts


This episode was a nice step back from the tension of the last few episodes. Asia has quickly been settled in, and it’s sort of back to business for Issei with trying to form a contract with someone. They introduced a training regimen for Issei also, but I wonder how long that will keep up before it is forgotten. Overall though, a good episode with a much lighter tone.


Definitely. It felt like an attempt to normalize things after the busy first arc. It was fun and the contracts are all a little crazy. Issei always seems to get summoned to visit the weirdos. I didn’t really care for the samurai girl. It was funny enough, but more than a little odd. Unlike the giant magical girl, he/she was just bonkers.


Yeah, I agree. Plus I don’t think a single contract was signed, even with Rias helping on the samurai girl. I understand it’s supposed to be a demon’s source of power, but while it seems to apply to everyone else, I guess Issei is sort of exempt from needing to form serious contracts.


Didn’t the samurai girl sign a contract? I thought that was why Issei was getting rewarded… Maybe, Rias just felt sorry for him, but he’s not really doing any of the groundwork to become a good devil… haha… good devil!


If she did, it was off-screen from what I saw.

Yeah, while I get the premise, and the whole trope behind the contracts with the “sell your soul to the devil” idea, I just feel like it’s a little too goofy. At least that’s how it’s been for Issei. I’d have to think that you’d be more likely to encounter a serial killer or corrupt businessman than some guy who wishes he was a magical girl.


Agreed, but then that wouldn’t fit with the view that the devils are the good guys and gals. Still, there were some good moments in this one and I’m looking forward to the next big arc kicking off.


Agreed. Let’s see Issei power up some more, all while enjoying some more great ecchi content!

Ecchi Highlights

Asia Living at the Club House!

Training Begins!

Moving In!

First Day at School!


Checking In!

Nap Time!

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 6 Rias sleeping Nude

The Reward!

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 6 Dream Lingerie Rias


Collecting the Reward!


High School DxD Uncensored Episode 6 Akeno Wishes them Luck

Mid-Episode Transitions!

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