High School DxD (Episode 7) – I Get A Familiar!

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Contracts aside, there’s one other thing that devils have and use to their advantage – familiars! It seems everyone has one, but Issei and Asia still need one. Will things go smoothly for Issei this time around?

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I Get A Familiar!

With things settled down and Asia living at Issei’s house, it’s revealed that everyone in the Occult Research Club has a familiar. And Rias mentions that it’s time to get one for Issei and Asia also. But just as she mentions this, the student council enters the room. We learn that the student council president, Sono Sitri, is also a powerful devil and the rest of the student council are her servants. She too was planning on getting a familiar for her newest member – Saji.

The only problem is that only one clan can go at a time to see the man who will help them get a familiar! And so a challenge is issued to see which clan will get to go first – Gremory, or Sitri!

The first challenge is a tennis match, featuring Akeno and Rias versus Sono and someone else from the student council. But the match gets so heated and lasts so long that they end up breaking the tennis rackets. Another match is issued – a game of dodgeball, at night, in the gymnasium. Issei creates headbands for his friends and then a very intense match of magic-filled dodgeball begins, and ends with the Gremory clan claiming victory.

Rias takes everyone to meet with the familiar catching man, and they set off to find familiars for Issei and Asia. At some point, slimes fall down onto the girls and dissolve their clothes, and Issei decides that he wants a slime as his familiar. But they eventually destroy all the slimes. A rare sprite dragon then takes a liking to Asia and becomes her familiar. Issei unfortunately leaves with nothing.

Favourite Moments


Well, where to begin. There was a lot to enjoy about the tennis match and then the game of dodge ball with the Student Council group, but it’s got to be the introduction of the slime which should have become Issei’s familiar. The two were made for one another, but alas it was not to be as Rias, Akeno, and Koneko pounded it into oblivion!


That slime was an MVP for sure, and Issei’s reactions to it and it’s destruction were hilarious. I’m personally going to go with the tennis match, because I’m more of a panty shot guy and that was the focus of the match it seems. Not just for us, but also all of the students watching! You don’t get to see so many frilly panties that often.


Yeah, it managed to draw quite the crowd. Not sure how they would have reacted once they started destroying the place with magic, but everyone seemed pretty happy.


It’s too bad we didn’t get to see that part! I wonder if any clothes were torn in the engagement…

Episode Thoughts


It definitely felt like a filler episode, much like the last one. Some stuff happened, it was fairly entertaining, but it didn’t really drive the story on except to flesh out the world. I guess this was Issei’s only chance to find a familiar as it’s never really brought up again. Or at least no in a memorable fashion. It was good to meet the Student Council group though.


Yeah, seems we’re still sort of winding down from the last big conflict with Raynare and friends. I agree meeting the Student Council was good, even if we’ll only really end up seeing Sono and Saji for the most part, if I remember correctly the rest are just sort of faces in the crowd. The whole contracts and familiar ideas are good for downtime, but it is a bit odd that they bring it up just to forget about it.

Do we even see anyone’s familiars ever again aside from Asia’s dragon? Which is clearly introduced to make up for her lack of offensive power.


I don’t think we do. It’s a shame, because giving them familiar would have kept it interesting. Although, in the same thought, it could have ended up a bit like Pokémon and I don’t think that’s the vibe this series is going for. Even the familiar keeper seemed like he’d been yanked out of a Pokémon episode with his rhymes.


Yeah, I would have liked to see more of Rias’ familiar in particular…

On one other note, Saji bothered me. Guy gets mad at Issei for getting inbetween him and Asia, meanwhile he’s on a Student Council with 7 other girls as the ONLY male! What a greedy bastard!


Haha! He almost felt like an Issei clone in a way.


Alright, well that’s enough of us. Let’s get to those highlights, as there are plenty this week!

Ecchi Highlights

Rias’ Familiar

Student Council Entry

Tennis Challenge (Panties Galore!)

Asia & Issei


Familiar Hunt + Slime Time!

Mid-Episode Transitions

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