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Issei has a dream about Rias, who later appears in his bedroom, demanding he take her virginity! And all this after seeing Koneko changing and walking on Asia in the bathroom…

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I Pick a Fight!

Issei’s dream about Rias was actually their wedding and even though it was only a dream, he still managed to imagine how the wedding night might go! Unfortunately, that was when the Welsh Dragon interrupted his fantasy to talk about the powers residing within him. Issei, of course, woke up screaming.

Later that day, Issei and his friends tried to blow off some steam by sneaking into the girls’ locker room and having a peep. It was going well until Koneko spotted them and punched in the door. Asia healed Issei’s injuries and then asked why he wasn’t peeping on her? They live together and she would be happy to help him out!

Then, as if by magic, Issei walked in on Asia in the bathroom. They both had a good look before Issei turned to run away, but Asia stopped him. She pressed her body against his and asked him to be gentle… Obviously, Issei’s mom decided to walk in and sent Issei to his room where he can’t get into any trouble.

Little did she know that Rias was about to teleport into Issei’s room, undress, and demand he takes her virginity! As expected, Issei was more than a little lost for words and when faced with the real thing, he loses his bottle. Rias tried to move things on, but he cried or something and then Grafia arrived to stop Rias.

Then, we got to meet the always delightful Riser who talks in the third person and is a massive dick, but he has a harem so Issei doesn’t know how to feel. Should he look up to the guy or want to pound his face for the way he treats Rias? We all know the answer. If only Issei was such a hopeless weakling.

Favorite Moments


Personally, my favourite moments were the ones featuring the maid.. whose name escapes me. Not only is she apparently very powerful, but she’s also a great looker. Nothing else really comes to mind that was too exciting this episode, but it’s clear it’s setting up for something big!


I believe you are referring to Grafia and I would back that sentiment. I thought there were a few good moments in this one. We had Issei and his friends hiding in a locker in the girls’ changing room. It was surprising that they could all fit, but I loved it when Koneko spotted them and kicked the door in and then Issei’s face.

Also, Rias appearing in Issei’s room and begging that he take her virginity! I’m still not sure how he didn’t just do it. In my world, Grafia would have had to have shown up with seconds to stop anything happening.

Episode Thoughts


It felt like a collection of small events, Issei with his friends, Issei at school, Issei with Asia.. before getting to the real meat of the episode in Rias and that night, followed by the revelations the day after. Personally, I just don’t like Issei’s friends all that much, and while I guess it’s supposed to reinforce that Issei is a pervert, it seems odd to me that he’d get so excited to hide in a locker after all he’s seen so far.


I too am not a fan of Issei’s friends and find it completely insane that Issei is still trying to peep when he has access to Rias pretty much whenever he wants. At this stage, he doesn’t deserve her attention and that just makes me mad and a little jealous… all right, a lot jealous. But that said, it fits with the harem protagonist that has no right having the attention of the girls around them.


True, acting oblivious to these things comes with the territory.

What did you think of Raiser Phoenix? Did he do a good enough job in making you hate him?


Oh yeah! I hate that guy. Talking about himself in the third person is always a good start and the way he treats everyone around him made me want to punch him. His queen is quite the stunner though… Damn it! Another jerk that doesn’t deserve all these beautiful women. Can you tell me why we like these shows again?


Because the clueless harem protagonist always wins in the end!

Still, I was impressed at how well the anime framed Phoenix. It’s clear that we are supposed to abhor him, and I don’t know how anyone could watch this episode and not just despise the guy.


Definitely. It did a great job of setting him up as the guy for all to hate. And the answer to my question was the girls. We like these shows because of the girls… Saying that, what did you make of the Issei and Asia bathroom scene?


Oh, of course, haha.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the whole “Asia trying to outdo Rias” thing. I’d prefer she stay innocent, with more innocent moments, like panty shots and the like from her falling or whatever. I don’t like her coming onto Issei in the way that she does, and I know that this is something she keeps up going forward. Just not a fan of it, doesn’t feel like it suits her character.


That’s exactly how I feel. It seems too forced and she loses some of her charms as a result. She can still be interested without making it a big competition, especially as there are characters in the future that fit that style much better. As you say, she should have remained the accidental, well-meaning, cute girl.


Plus, when Issei first met her his thoughts were – “Cute, clumsy, innocent blonde – just my type!”. It’s not like she can’t compete using those charms.


For sure. I mean, I’m here for Rias and Akeno, but Asia clearly had a way into Issei’s heart without trying to become something she isn’t. Well, bring on Rizer. I want to see that guy brought down a peg!

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