High School DxD (Episode 9) – I’ve Begun My Training

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With the rating game between Rias and Raiser Phoenix coming up, it’s time for Rias’ servants to undergo some last-minute training. And you know what that means… training camp!

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I’ve Begun My Training

Rias and servants arrive to an estate located in the mountains, perfect for a training montage. Issei first faces off against Kiba, learning that he’s not too skilled with the sword. He then learns magic from Akeno, discovering that concentration (and imagination) is very important for magic use. He then is battered and bruised by Koneko, who reminds him that his greatest strengths are that he works hard and that he is a pervert.

Rias then has Issei and Asia put their newfound magic abilities to work, by cooking a meal only using magic. And this is where Issei figures it out – he can peel the vegetables if he imagines the skins coming off, like a woman’s clothes!

After dinner, the girls have a bath and then Issei wakes Asia up in the middle of the night to borrow some of her clothes for something he has been practicing. While it isn’t explicitly revealed, it’s pretty obvious what he’s working on… Issei then runs into Rias who tells him about Raiser Phoenix being immortal.

Finally, the episode ends on a positive note as Issei manages to boost his power 12 times, and is able to unleash a powerful blast that levels the top of a mountain with it. Rias assures Issei that he will play a vital role in the upcoming rating game.

Favorite Moments


Well, Issei’s top secret training is cool and it’s going to be awesome once he’s ready, but I think the best moment for me was when Rias and Issei had their little chat outside. I’m not too clear on what they talked about but Rias was wearing something sheer and that was the whole point of the moment… wasn’t it?


Haha! That’s right, it was something to do with something… I really liked the training Issei did with each of the other members. Was cool to see him introduced more into the world of combat, so to speak. Naturally I’m looking forward to seeing some results there, aside from just being able to blast the top of a mountain!


Seeing Koneko kicking his ass was entertaining too and her pep talk about embracing his strengths was funny. Who would have thought being a pervert was a strength?!


Yeah, it’s almost as if that and Issei’s ability to undress vegetables is leading somewhere…

Episode Thoughts


It was the obligatory training episode before the big fight, but it did a nice job of splitting our time between the characters and definitely did a lot of foreshadowing of events to come. I enjoyed it, but I’m also excited for the next one.


Yep. I would have liked to see more results in terms of Issei’s combat ability. When he boosted 12 times, I was hoping he would be able to match Kiba’s speed, but instead he just blasted the mountain instead. I’m sure he’ll get there eventually though, and I guess it’d be no fun for him to just jump that far ahead so soon.


Exactly. He can’t become overpowered overnight! We’ve got plenty to look forward to over the remaining episodes of the season.


As well as plenty to look forward to right now with the episode highlights!

Ecchi Highlights

Getting Changed

Magic Training

Physical Training




Secret Practice

Evening Chat

Newfound Power

Mid-Episode Transitions

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