High School DxD Hero (Episode 0) – Holiness Behind the Gym

We’re continuing on with High School DxD, now with the 4th season from the series: High School DxD Hero. This season contains a noticeable change in animation style from BorN due to a different studio having worked on this one. But hey, it’s DxD so let’s get into it!

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Holiness Behind the Gym

The episode first opens up with a short recap of how Issei became a devil and met Rias. After that, we jump to the moment from High School DxD BorN where Asia disappeared, and Issei went berserk. From there, we see essentially the same thing play out as before, only with a few more moments added in, like Irina playing Issei’s “Oppai Dragon” video while he is going berserk.

Once again, Issei is saved and able to attend the sports festival with Asia. Still hurt from before, Rias tells Asia to heal Issei. She heals him behind the gym, and there, she kisses him.

We also see a few mysterious men and hear mention of a “hero faction”.

Episode Thoughts


Has the last arc from BorN, where Rias is mind controlled, been retconned? Or will we just see it play out once again next episode? I hope it’s the former. Either way, it was a little strange for this entire episode to be something we’ve already seen. I guess showing us something familiar, with these recaps of sorts, is a way to get us used to the new animation (and retcon the final BorN arc, possibly).

As for the animation, I don’t mind it. Whether it’s a downgrade or not doesn’t really matter to me, if anything I like that it adds a freshness to the series. We’ve seen so much of the characters already in all sorts of situations, so it’s kind of nice to be able to see them differently.

Anyways, I’ve never seen Hero before, so I’m interested in seeing how it plays out.


Interestingly, they did undo the final arc of High School DxD BorN, which isn’t a terrible thing, although I did kind of like that moment that Rias and Issei had on that beach in the void.

As for the new animation style, there are times I like this version and times I prefer the old style. For example the mid-episode break image are great in this new style. Sadly, I don’t think they really did anything to make this section of the story any better than the original release.

If anything, I think it got a little too cheesy, especially with Irina flying in with the Grabbing Dragon music video. I felt a bit like Sun Wukong watching this and wondering if it was serious or not. Anyhow, we’ve corrected course as the manga readers will tell you and now it’s on with the show!

Episode Highlights

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  1. I loved the animation change. It gave the characters more uniqueness over the rather factory made feeling they had before. It was always nice, but I felt season 4 finally gave High School DxD it’s own look.

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