High School DxD Hero (Episode 1) – That’s Right, Let’s Go to Kyoto

Issei’s class is going on a school trip to Kyoto! Some of the girls are a little upset that he will be gone for several days. Also, Issei duels a powerful demon!

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That’s Right, Let’s Go to Kyoto

Akeno snuggles up to Issei, knowing that he’ll be going on a school trip. After this, Koneko and Asia both join in. As usual, Rias catches them and then jumps in herself. At school, Koneko does some sort of healing ritual with Issei that involves being close together.

After that, Rias and the occult research club head to the demon realm to meet with Rias’ family. There, Issei duels Bael Sairaorg, a very physically strong demon. He manages to somewhat stand up to Bael, but the duel stops after they exchange some blows.

Finally, Issei, Asia, Xenovia, Irina and Kiba head out for their trip!
Rias kisses Issei before they depart.

Episode Thoughts


It’s interesting to have an opponent that isn’t a evil maniacal, moustache-twirling villain. Sairaorg is one tough customer, but he’s also the most down to earth of all the demons which makes him far more interesting that anyone Issei has come up against before, with the exception of Raynare…

I find it funny how everyone has jumped on the Issei powering up from Rias’ boobs idea and seem to actively encourage it. It does at times feel a little too goofy and I don’t think I would miss it if it wasn’t so in your face. Anyhow, it was a nice episode with some good action… if you know what I mean!


This was a fun little episode. Not a lot happened, but there was some good fan service and I’m still enjoying the new animation. It felt like sort of one of those slice of lifey episodes, which was nice. Considering High School DxD BorN was just jumping from one plot point to the next with not much time in-between, it’s nice to have a slower episode.

Episode Highlights

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