High School DxD Hero (Episode 10) – As a Family Member of Rias Gremory

The Rating Game is on, and Rias’ and Sairaorg’s familys duke it out! Several battles between the two families take place, including a woman who believes she has a strategy to defeat Issei!

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As a Family Member of Rias Gremory

The episode opens up with Kiba versus another knight, and quickly ends with Kiba’s victory. After that, we see Koneko and Rossweisse versus two others, which ends in another victory, but not before Koneko is defeated. Next is Issei versus an enemy bishop, an attractive woman who decides to strip in order to throw Issei off. Unfortunately, she strips her panties before her bra, which angers Issei and he blasts her.

And then we see Gasper and Xenovia take on another two, and win there as well. Akeno faces the enemy queen, and loses. Finally, the number required for Sairaorg to join in is rolled. The episode ends as Kiba, Rossweisse, and Xenovia set off to try and tire him out, knowing that they will likely lose.

Episode Thoughts


There wasn’t a whole lot of ecchi this episode, which was a little surprising considering we normally get quite a bit in battles that involve characters like Koneko, Rossweisse, Xenovia and Akeno. Basically we got the enemy bishop lady, which was excellent. Although I’m not really sure what her plan was… after she strips, was she going to try and seduce Issei and then take him out or something? Surely he’s not that stupid…

But ecchi aside, the action was non-stop and excellent. The fights weren’t drawn out, and instead they were quick and exciting. It’s a really cool way to give us a lot of battles without anything getting boring. So overall, I’d say this was a great episode.


I’d agree. This was probably the best episode so far and had some great action. The way that Issei snapped out of it was more than a bit ridiculous, but then it is Issei. Given that one of his signature moves is dressbreak you could argue that this shouldn’t have fazed him, although he did struggle against the naked girls who had their inhibitions removed.

I feel like they didn’t really use Gasper to his fullest. The guy can stop time… How do you fight against that? You don’t. He should have been unstoppable, especially paired with someone like Xenovia who can cut down everyone once their frozen. Looking forward to the next fight.

Episode Highlights

Rating Game!

Mid-Episode Transitions!

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