High School DxD Hero (Episode 11) – Max vs. Max Power, “Man Versus Man”

It’s time to see Sairaorg in action, starting with a battle against Kiba, Xenovia, and Rossweisse. The Rating Game continues!

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Max vs. Max Power, “Man Versus Man”

At first, it seems that Sairaorg will have no trouble dispatching the three from Rias’ family. However, they manage to pull a fast one on him by faking Rossweisse’s defeat, allowing her to get a powerful magic attack in when he wasn’t ready for it. After that, Kiba and Xenovia are able to sever his right arm. He then defeats them, but is forced to use his team’s only phoenix tear to restore his arm.

After watching his friends get defeated, Issei gets fired up and in the next battle defeats Sairaorg’s queen in one hit – which doesn’t actually land, as she forfeits just beforehand in order to not die. After that, Sairaorg asks for all of the remaining Rating Game combatants to fight in one final battle, Asia ends up sitting out, leaving Issei and Rias to fight Sairaorg and his final remaining pawn.

We quickly learn that Sairaorg’s mysterious pawn is some ancient artifact or something, and he defeats Rias while Issei manages to beat back Sairaorg. But then Issei convinces Sairaorg to join with his pawn and power up. After this, Issei is forced to power up himself, after some introspection.

Episode Thoughts


I really enjoyed the action in this episode, however, there was basically no ecchi content. That said, I am getting kind of bored of all the things that happen in this series without any foreshadowing. The misdirection with Rossweisse was cool, but there was no way to know it was coming.

Then, Issei having a chat with the former red dragon hosts and getting all excited about things. It’s fairly typical stuff for this sort of battle anime. However, I think there needs to be a change where the story shows us glimpses of what might happen. Get ready for Issei to pull yet another new move out of his ass for the final match. He’ll even have a name for it.


Another action packed episode here. In fact, it was so much so that there wasn’t really any fan service. Which is both rare for DxD, and unfortunate I think because I’ve always liked the battle ecchi from previous seasons. You know, the torn clothes, panty shots and all that.

But anyways, it was a decent episode. Issei’s battle with Sairaorg seems to be following the old tried and true formula where the moment things get tough, Issei finds hidden power to unleash. We’ll see how things continue anyways, maybe it’ll still be a difficult battle.

Episode Highlights

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