High School DxD Hero (Episode 12) – Lion Heart of the School Festival

We’ve made it to the final episode of High School DxD Hero! Issei has managed to once again surpass expectations and transform into something even more powerful in order to continue the fight against Sairaorg in the Rating Game!

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Lion Heart of the School Festival

With his newfound power, which has caused him to transform into a scarlet red colour of the Gremory family, Issei declares his love for Rias. He then exchanges fists with Sairaorg, and eventually wins the fight. Afterwards, he talks with Sairaorg who gives him encouragement in confessing to Rias. Sirzechs also tells Issei that he is being promoted to a mid-level demon.

We then move to the school festival, with various scenes of things happening there. Issei manages to find Rias alone in the club room, and once again tells her about his love for her. Their resulting kiss is interrupted by everyone else, but after they shoo them away, the two kiss.

Episode Thoughts


Well, this ended pretty much exactly as one would expect, both with Issei defeating Sairaorg, and with the confession to Rias. Although, to be fair, the season very well could have ended with no confession, considering how many harem anime drag out the wishy-washiness of the protagonist.

Overall, I’d say that it was alright. The action was good, there wasn’t much ecchi. The overall predictability wasn’t so great I thought. And honestly, the shots of the school festival seemed like a good chance to stick some fan service in there, I was surprised that they didn’t.

It seems that High School DxD Hero fell victim to the same curse that many other ecchi anime have fallen into, where the anime stops giving us fan service in favour of wrapping up the story. I’ve brought this up many times before with other anime, and even here, I don’t quite understand it. High School DxD is known for being a very ecchi anime, and they had the opportunity. Anyways, it’s a bit of a bummer, but I guess they just decided to end on as serious of a note as possible.


Well, that went pretty much as expected. Issei pulls another new move out of his ass and wins the day. It was entertaining in a way, but also kind of frustrating. In the end, Issei and Sairaorg stood in front of one another punching away like a game of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots until someone’s head popped off.

On top of that, this episode seemed to be extra heavy with the cheese. The first season seems like such a distant memory now that they’re almost different shows. For me, the dark and mysterious vibe that the first season had ensured that it will remain my favourite season.

Not to mention the transformation that Rias has been on. She started the series like a goddess who could get whatever she wanted and wasn’t afraid to do anything. Where is that Rias? She’s someone you can fall for. It’s going to be a controversial call, but I preferred the kiss at the end of season three…

Episode Highlights

Finishing the Fight!

School Festival!


Mid Episode Transitions!

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