High School DxD Hero (Episode 2) – School Trip, an Abrupt Attack

Issei and classmates have made it to Kyoto! But on the way, it seems Issei has been doing some introspection into his sacred gear. In addition, another supernatural faction awaits in the old capital!

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School Trip, an Abrupt Attack

On the way to Kyoto, Issei’s mind goes into his sacred gear where he sees all of the previous individuals who were the Red Dragon like he is now. He meets a woman who gives him a box which contains his essence or something like this. Unfortunately, it escapes when he opens it and manifests in certain individuals around him, but allegedly it will come back to him in time according to Ddraig.

The next day, he is attacked by a kitsune shrine maiden while visiting a shrine in Kyoto. That night, at the hotel, Issei has a showdown with Rossweisse while trying to go and peek on the girls bath. The episode ends with a meeting over dinner discussing the ones who attacked Issei earlier.

Episode Thoughts


Fun episode. I’m interested to see what the implications of Issei entering into his sacred gear have for the series, with how he can communicate with previous Red Dragon users. In addition, I enjoyed seeing some serious Rossweisse fan service. Still digging the animation too. That’s about it though, we’ll see what happens going forward!


Rossweisse is the greatest thing to happen to this series in a while and this episode showed us exactly why. I quite enjoyed the episode overall and seeing Issei interacting with the previous red dragon hosts was cool. Seeing Issei’s horniness running rampant and infecting others is always funny. Why does Kyoto always look so cool in anime? It’s been in five shows I’ve watched recently. Did I mention that Rossweisse is awesome?

Episode Highlights

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