High School DxD Hero (Episode 3) – The Party of Heroes

The school trip in Kyoto continues! How will things turn out between the devils and the kitsune clan in the area? And what ecchi is in store for us this episode? Let’s find out!

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The Party of Heroes

A meeting is convened between the devils and the kitsune. There, the misunderstandings surrounding the disappearance of their head, the fox girl Kunou’s mother, are cleared up. The devils are enlisted to help search for her when they are able. Issei also has some lewd daydreams of Kunou’s mother rewarding him for saving her.

After a quick bath scene with Rias, Akeno, and Koneko, Issei ends up in a closet with Asia, Xenovia, and Irina. There, Xenovia puts some moves on Issei, causing Asia to follow suit. Issei then ends up slipping and grabbing Irina, before everything is broken up by Rossweisse.

The next day, the students continue to tour Kyoto, this time with Kunou. As they are crossing a bridge, a fog envelops them and a group of enemies appear in the distance.

Episode Thoughts


I think it’s hilarious and also inspired that we get to keep up with Rias, Akeno, and Koneko by visiting them in the bathroom. Whoever thought that up needs a raise. Also, I think I’m going to convert to worshipping the nine-tailed fox princess, the one that’s been kidnapped.

As much as I love Rossweisse, she’s turning into a massive buzz kill, but then things were getting out of control and Issei knew it. Still, it was a fun scene and they really are pushing the smutty humour in this season which isn’t a bad thing.

The next episode should be packed full of action and I’m looking forward to it. Also, I feel like I’ve been to Kyoto with all the episodes in various shows I’ve seen recently. They all seem to visit the same places. It does look spectacular though.


Not too much happened on the story-front, but obviously we’re just about to get into that next episode – that and some action! But on the other hand, there was quite a bit of “action” this episode too. So far, DxD Hero has been laying down the bath scenes, which I won’t complain about – previous seasons have done this too.

But bath scenes do get old, considering how commonly they are used in ecchi anime. The ecchi that really stood out this episode was the closet scene. Lot of great moments in there. Issei’s daydream was pretty good too, although daydreams feel like a bit of a cop out because it doesn’t “actually happen” in the anime. Regardless, this episode was packed with fan service to make up for the lack of story. Not bad overall, although I would have preferred more of a balance (swap the bath scene for something more intriguing / interesting).

Episode Highlights

Meeting the Kitsunes + Daydream!

Bath Scene!

Meeting in the Closet!

Under Attack!

Mid Episode Transitions!

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