High School DxD Hero (Episode 4) – Showdown! Gremory Family vs. Hero Faction in Kyoto

The hero faction has made their move, with an attack on Issei and friends on a bridge in Kyoto. What are their goals? Let’s find out that and more in this episode of High School DxD!

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Showdown! Gremory Family vs. Hero Faction in Kyoto

The man at the head of the enemies is Cao Cao, the supposed reincarnation from the stories revolving around China’s Three Kingdoms period. He challenges Azazel to a fight, while one of his subordinates creates an army of minions for everyone to beat on. Issei takes control of the situation and the minions are dealt with – including three girls who he defeats using his boob mindreading technique. After this, another enemy wielding three swords arrives to fight.

The battle is interrupted by the arrival of a witch who is working with Vali, who summons a large golem of sorts that destroys the bridge because apparently Vali is upset with the hero faction. Cao Cao defeats the golem, but then the heroes retreat, challenging Issei and friends by giving them the location of Kunou’s mother.

After a quick strategy meeting, the Gremory family and others move out to take on the hero faction. Azazel gives Issei his “potential” which was previously lost and jumping from person to person. On the way to the enemy, they are separated, and Issei encounters a shadow-using enemy.

Episode Thoughts


I didn’t mention it in the synopsis, but the reason the heroes are attacking is that they believe that humans can be strong without becoming non-human. Basically, they are pitting themselves against everything and everyone supernatural to prove themselves. That said, it’s a little ironic that they have no qualms using supernatural items / powers, and summoning seemingly supernatural creatures to accomplish their goals.

There wasn’t very much fan service this episode, but there was a good amount of action so I guess it’s to be expected, although usually DxD has been good with fan service even in episodes like this. I’d actually like to see more of Issei fighting female opponents. Maybe some intense struggle between him and a woman who’s too fast for his boob mind-reading technique. Would be fun to watch.

Anyways, episode was pretty good, and I’m still enjoying the new animation from previous seasons!


I found this episode to be a bit boring if I’m honest. Cao Cao was just an annoying buffoon and I can’t help but feel like the hero faction seemed like anything but heroes. Why would a hero need to test themselves against others to prove their worth? Doesn’t sound very heroic to me.

The best part was when Rossweisse showed up and unleashed everything on them for waking her from her drunken nap. There seemed to be a lot of talking in this episode without much action to back it up. After the fight with Cao Cao which featured a lot of chin-wagging, we went back to Issei’s room where Azazel talked to them and everyone stared back blankly until it was time to say yes.

I still think this series hit its peak back in season one, and while this season is better than the last one, it still has a way to go.

Episode Highlights

The Battle Begins!

Boob Mindreading!

Arrival of a Witch + Drunk Rossweisse!

Strategy Meeting, Issei’s Potential, & Meeting the Enemy!

Mid-Episode Transitions!

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