High School DxD Hero (Episode 5) – My Potential Released!

The battle between Issei + friends and the hero faction is about to begin!
How will things turn out?

This Post Contains NSFW Images!

My Potential Released!

Issei quickly dispatches the shadow man who attacked in the subway. He and Kunou regroup with everyone else and they face off against the hero faction. Everyone is paired off against someone, and the fight begins – but it doesn’t take long before everyone except Issei is defeated.

Frustrated at his weakness, Issei encounters Elsha, the woman within his sacred gear, who teaches him how to release his potential from earlier. By doing so, he is able to summon Rias, where the episode ends!

Episode Thoughts


It’s funny. My memories of High School DxD seemed to have lots of amazing fights in them, but so far this season it’s not really delivered. In this episode, there was a bunch of heroes and they were all fighting members of Rias’ family and we barely saw any of it. No one really put up much of a fight and for “heroes”, they really are a bunch of obnoxious a-holes!

Also, I feel like the perv power was funny for a little while, but now I find I’m laughing at how ridiculous it is rather than it actually being funny.


Well, there wasn’t really much fan service this episode. And there actually wasn’t very much action, it seems like they glossed over all of the individual match-ups. It’s either that, or Issei is seeing some sort of illusion where everyone lost. I’ve never watched High School DxD Hero so I don’t know for sure, but this kind of does feel like an illusion situation, although maybe it isn’t and they want Issei to do the heavy lifting.

Anyways, not too much else to say. The episode was all right, and I am interested in seeing how it plays out. But I was hoping for some combat ecchi. Maybe next time!

Episode Highlights

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