High School DxD Hero (Episode 6) – The School Trip is in Pandemonium

Issei has just used his potential to summon Rias to Kyoto! With the battle looking rough, it’s up to Issei and his love for breasts to somehow overcome the situation!

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The School Trip is in Pandemonium

Rias is summoned to the battlefield, having no idea what is going on. Issei, after pressing one of her nipples, gets an immense boost of power, and Rias is sent back home. With this power, Issei takes everyone on. Reinforcements arrive in the form of a jade dragon and an old monkey man. This causes the hero faction to retreat, leaving Kunou’s mother behind. Kunou is then able to talk to her mother, restoring her to her normal form.

After the battle, the school trip is over and everyone heads home, where Issei and friends are then in trouble for not telling Rias about what was happening.

Episode Thoughts


I had trouble getting into the battle. And I know it’s a usual trope, not just in this anime, where the protagonist receives a massive boost of power just because, but I just didn’t enjoy it. Issei’s touched Rias’ breasts before, but I guess the difference this time was his potential…

It’s strange that no one told Rias what was going on. You’d think that Azazel would have contacted her, or someone. It’s not like they can’t use magic, or a phone, to do such a thing. Doesn’t really make sense. And finally, there wasn’t a lot of ecchi. Still enjoying the animation and so on, but these last few episodes haven’t been too exciting. Hopefully things pick up.


So, the action was pretty good, however, I always find it odd when a character uses a new power or move for the first time and already knows what it does and has an appropriate name for it. Then, once more, as is the way with DxD a couple of new characters just show up out of nowhere and change the course of the action.

As to the new animation style, I like it, but I feel like everyone looks more and more alike in this style. Sure, they have different body shapes and sizes, and hair colorings, but facially they all look the same. It also feels like we went through an awful lot to unlock Issei’s potential and other than that it hasn’t moved anything along. We just got a new bunch of villains who just ran away at the end… again.

Episode Highlights

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