High School DxD Hero (Episode 7) – We Are Preparing for the School Festival!

The battle is over, which means it’s back to school for the Gremory family. That, and some extra-curricular activities in the form of putting on plays in the demon world!

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We Are Preparing for the School Festival!

The episode opens up with some scenes from the latest Oppai / Boob Dragon play in the demon world, with many of the Gremory family getting involved. After a little bit of that, including Rias’ mother telling Issei to call her “mother”, it’s back to school, where we find that Ravel Phoenix has transferred in.

While working on materials for the upcoming school festival, Issei learns that Ddraig has asked Azazel for a counselor. Because his pride is damaged or something due to Issei’s perversion. Finally, Issei and Rias visit Sairaog’s estate where Sairaog’s mother is sick, and they want Issei to read her breasts to see if he can find any key to waking her up. But he is unable to. The episode ends with a brief meeting with Sairaog.

Episode Thoughts


I’ve said it before, but I’m not a huge fan of the Grabbing Dragon part of things and it seems like Rias isn’t either. It just feels daft in comparison to the way this series started. Even the ecchi stuff feels forced for example when all the girls surrounded Issei and pulled out their boobs.

Otherwise, it felt like pretty much nothing happened other than Rias’ mother raising the question that will dominate the rest of the season, and even that felt like an odd way to do it. I really miss the darker elements that made the first season so good.


Things have cooled off from before, but honestly, I was alright with that. It felt like the ecchi was lacking over the last few episodes, so it was nice to get some good highlights of Irina this time around! I do have to say that it still feels a bit weird to see all of the girls, Koneko included, just flashing their breasts at Issei now. I guess he’s worked up to it, but it still feels weird that they are all so willing now. Anyways, not a bad episode, seemed fairly relaxed overall.

Episode Highlights

Oppai Dragon!

Ravel Phoenix!

Mid-Episode Transitions!

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