High School DxD Hero (Episode 8) – A Girl’s Heart is Complicated

We’re building up to the big rating game between the Gremory family and Sairaorg, with a press conference and everything. But before the battle begins, Rias decides to push Issei on how he feels about her.

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A Girl’s Heart is Complicated

The episode opens up with the Gremory family training for the upcoming rating game. After which, we get to see a press conference, in which the focus quickly turns to the Boob Dragon and whether he will use Rias’ breasts during the rating game.

That night, Rias walks in on Issei in the sauna. As he refers to her as “President”, she decides to push him and lays on top of him while kissing him. However, during this, he refers to her as “President” again, causing her to get upset and leave. The next day, we learn that Azazel has been assigned as the Gremory family’s advisor for the rating game.

Ravel’s mother, using magic, communicates with Rias, Ravel, and Issei. During the conversation, she mentions to Issei that Ravel is a high-ranking devil, and that Ravel is free. To which, Issei replies that he understands. This causes Rias to get upset again, and afterwards, confront Issei, asking him what she is to him. He replies that she is “President”, causing her to storm out, and everyone else to get upset with Issei.

Episode Thoughts


Things are building up again. While I’m almost certain that the rating game will be interrupted, because there’s that whole hero faction to consider, I hope it isn’t if only because I like a good tournament in anime. And too often, they get interrupted.

I know that Rias loves Issei and all, and that harems typically end up this way (with one or more of the girls demanding the guy’s primary attention), but does she have to do this now? I guess the rating game doesn’t REALLY matter, in the grand scheme of things. But it almost feels like drama for drama’s sake. I think it’s pretty clear that Issei likes Rias. And it is dumb that he insists on calling her “President”, but it’s just a word in the end…


I completely agree about the forced drama and I know how it ends. Once more this season the characters seem to spend all their time standing or sitting while a couple of people talk. It’s not the most dynamic of animation and I’m finding more and more they look a little derpy.

I also didn’t like Issei’s inner dialogue when Rias came onto him in the sauna. Other than some nice looking boobs, this episode was kind of forgettable, and not least because Issei is just getting dumber and dumber. It feels less like a dark harem series with demons and angels and more like a goofy rom-com.

Episode Highlights

Training + Press Conference

With Rias in the Sauna

Ravel’s Mother + Upset Rias

Mid-Episode Transitions!

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