High School DxD New (Episode 11) – The Leaders’ Summit Begins!

The conference has begun, and so has some trouble stirred up by some demon. Koneko and Gasper are captured, and a large battle begins!

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The Leaders’ Summit Begins!

After the conference starts, robed figures attack the clubhouse and take Koneko and Gasper hostage. They then use Gasper’s ability to stop time, which conveniently doesn’t affect any of the stronger individuals, which is basically everyone. A demon woman reveals herself and proclaims her plans to kill the leaders of all three factions and take control of the world. Azazel begins to fight her, others fight the random cultist henchmen, and Issei goes with Rias to rescue Gasper and Koneko.

Episode Thoughts


So, tell me more about these magicians and how they are all absolutely stacked! If you’re going to have to fight evil-doers DxD really has got the right idea. Think back to Raynare, Rizer’s family, and now the magicians.

On a slightly more serious note, I can’t help but laugh when characters stop in the middle of a fight to discuss their friendship and amazing all the villains just sit back and let them. If I was Rias, I’d stop taking Issei to important meetings. Just leave him at home practicing new and depraved ways to win fights. That’s pretty much all he’s good for.

Another thing that DxD does that I find to be quite annoying is how it doesn’t do a lot of foreshadowing. It does for somethings and it’s always completely obvious, but then you just get these random characters show up and everyone knows them but Issei. There’s obviously a lot of backstory that could be explored, but then who wants story when you can have Issei getting surprised at seeing boobs…


What a surprising turn of events.
Who could have expected something to happen during the conference?

I’ll admit, the later half of this season hasn’t been so enjoyable to me, both the story and the ecchi feel disappointing compared to what we’ve seen in the past. The introduction of some random demon woman to be the antagonist at this point seems fairly arbitrary and unexciting. I think the only real intriguing aspects left for this season are the White Dragon and that girl we saw a glimpse of last episode, as there must be some involvement there.

Episode Highlights

Gasper and Koneko Captured!

Issei’s Dream!

The Attack!


Mid-Episode Transitions!

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