High School DxD New (Episode 12) – Clash of the Twin Heavenly Dragons!

It’s the conclusion of High School DxD New! The battle continues. Clothes are torn, enemies are defeated, and Issei once again pulls through thanks to his perverted spirit!

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Clash of the Twin Heavenly Dragons!

While everyone battles the cultists, Azazel fights that woman, and soon enough, defeats her. After this, Vali, the White Dragon, appears and reveals that he has betrayed Azazel. Using his power, he is able to shrink the school. Realizing that Vali might use his power to shrink Rias’ breasts, he jumps into action.

As usual, he thinks about breasts and powers up, and is able to do some damage to Vali. Before Vali “gets serious”, Son Wukong shows up and the two escape together.

In the aftermath of everything, Sirzechs decides that all of the girls of the occult research club are to begin living with Issei immediately. In addition, Azazel decides to stick around and takes the position of their club advisor.

Episode Thoughts


Can’t say that anything that happened this episode was unexpected. Unsurprisingly, that random woman was defeated. And unsurprisingly, Issei powered up to levels beyond what everyone had thought he was capable of because he got all worked up over breasts.

I’m not going to say I dislike it, but maybe the formula could use a little tweaking at this point. The fighting that we did see was pretty good though!

There wasn’t a ton of ecchi content but it wasn’t too bad for a conclusion, as ecchi anime generally tend to skimp on the final episode.


The best thing about this episode was seeing Vali going “huh, what?” in response to Issei getting upset about him shrinking the girls’ boobs. How do you fight against crazy? I feel like this season has lacked some of the intensity of the first season and as such this didn’t even feel like the final episode of a season.

Rather than actually winning, the bad guys just ran off to carry on with their evil plans elsewhere. Unlike the first season, I think they were more confident that they would get another season and instead of giving us a big finish, it ended up being yet more set up. I’m fine with that, but we needed something to make us feel like there was a conclusion.

Cattleya might as well have not been in it for all the fight she gave Azazel and Vali doesn’t seem to have any real agenda other than wanting to fight the Red Dragon Emperor. There were funny moments, but the action was average and there was basically zero ecchi.

Episode Highlights

The Fight Continues!

Battle of the Twin Dragons!


Mid-Episode Transitions!

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