High School DxD New (Episode 2) – The Holy Sword Is Here!

High School DxD New has wasted no time in getting right back into gear, both in terms of story and fan service. Last episode left off with Kiba running into Freed, where will things go from there?

The Holy Sword Is Here!

Kiba and Freed scrap for a short while, and Kiba’s arm is injured. But then Freed makes a hasty getaway before things escalate further. Issei wakes up next to naked Rias and Asia, and proceeds to daydream a little.

At school, Sona is approached by a pair of representatives from the church, and holds a private meeting in her sauna to discuss the matter. Meanwhile, Issei’s house is visited by two girls from the church, one of whom happens to be his childhood friend from that photo of Issei as a child.

The two church girls, Irina and Xenovia, then meet with Rias at school. They simply want the demons to not interfere with the operation they have planned against the fallen angels in the area. While there, they make some disparaging comments towards Asia, causing Issei to get angry and step in. Kiba then arrives and ups the ante by offering to duel the two church representatives side-by-side with Issei. Both sides agree, and the duel begins.

Episode Thoughts


I’m noticing just how different it is watching this series one episode at a time compared to binge-watching the entire season. The first time, I watched the first three seasons back to back and was completely invested in it from start to finish. However, this episode on its own really didn’t do that much. If anything it was almost entirely set up for the fight between Kiba and Xenovia/ Issei and Irina.

I’m looking forward to the fight, but I really found this episode to be a bit pedestrian. Of course, the ecchi content is great. You really can’t go wrong with DxD for that. I did enjoy the part with Drake talking to Issei and the various references to him being a pervert. Drake knows what he’s talking about.


While I know that Kiba isn’t being the most rational at the moment, I gotta say I do like this more cocky version of him. I’m not sure how the duel is going to end up, and I really don’t remember how it turns out. I am looking forward to seeing the next episode, as there’s just so much I’ve forgotten!

As for fan service, well, it’s High School DxD. The ecchi is great. We even got to see Sona naked during the sauna meeting. Always good to get some variety. I know that Lynn is all about Xenovia, which is actually great because personally I’m more of a fan of Irina. It’s great how much variety we get in this show!

The one thing that I question is Issei, who has these sexual fantasies of Rias and Asia. Why? The guy literally wakes up next to both of them, naked, wrapped around his arms, and he’s daydreaming about them? He has the real deal right there… it just doesn’t make sense. Sort of like how he gets too embarrassed to touch boobs despite waking up to two pairs of them pressing up against him.

Ecchi Highlights

Is This Real Life?

Or Is This Just Fantasy?

School & Sauna Meeting

Meeting Irina & Xenovia + The Duel Begins

Mid Episode Transitions

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