High School DxD New (Episode 3) – I’ll Destroy the Holy Sword!

Things are about to get heated as Issei and Kiba look to spar with the two representatives of the church: Irina and Xenovia. Let’s see how this turns out, and enjoy the ecchi along the way.

This Post Contains NSFW Images!

I’ll Destroy the Holy Sword!

Issei and Kiba are both defeated.While it seemed somewhat close for Issei, Kiba was completely outmatched. After the duel, Rias obtains some more information from Irina and Xenovia regarding their target: a fallen angel named Kokabiel. Later on, Kiba storms out of the club room in frustration.

Issei, with Koneko’s help, enlists the help of Saji from the student council. The three then approach Irina and Xenovia, seeking to form an alliance with the goal of destroying the holy sword in Kokabiel’s possession. Finally, they approach Kiba and convince him to join in.

The episode ends with the man Issei had been spending time with (trying to get a contract) being approached by some other man. It’s fairly clear that these two are going to be important to the story somehow, but at the moment, they remain in the background.

Episode Thoughts


Yep, this episode just strengthens my belief that Irina is waifu material. While I reserve the right to change my mind, at the moment, she’s looking pretty good! Especially in her combat outfit. Can’t get enough of that.

And on that topic, I did want to mention that I really love how this season didn’t just stick to bombarding us with the same girls from season one, and instead introduced a couple new babes for us to enjoy. In addition to Irina and Xenovia, the show also seems to like showing off Aika, Issei’s glasses-wearing classmate.

As for the story, while the sparring in the beginning was great, the rest of the episode felt a little slow. It’s clear that this episode was mainly buildup for a future conflict though, so I’m okay with it. Plus the ecchi this episode was top notch I think.


I have just one word for this episode – Xenovia! XENOVIA!!! I’m sure that I have mentioned that I have a thing for strong women with swords, well Xenoiva pretty much encapsulates that ethos. Not only did she destroy Kiba, but she’s remarkably brutal with Irina and even Issei.

The only person that almost kept up with her was Koneko with how she kept putting Issei down even when he was fighting Irina.

I did enjoy Saji joining the little band of rebels, especially as he offered a funny alternative to Issei and Koneko’s determination. All in though, Xenovia wins the episode for me. Next episode, I’m hoping for even more Xenovia!

Ecchi Highlights

The Duel!

Irina & Xenovia Take A Bath!

Enlisting Help!

Rias & Sona In The Sauna Again!

Nurse Asia + Locker Room!

Mid Episode Transitions!

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