High School DxD New (Episode 4) – A Strong Enemy Appeared!

The operation to locate the holy swords begins, with Kiba, Issei, Koneko, and Saji working together with church representatives Irina and Xenovia.

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A Strong Enemy Appeared!

The four devils pose as priests while searching, in hopes of luring out Freed who preys on members of the church. They visit the ruins where the occult research club defeated a stray demon last season, and are attacked by Freed. Kiba and Freed battle for a bit, with Saji and Issei lending support. Then, the man who was behind the holy sword experiment appears. He flees with Freed when Irina and Xenovia arrive.

Kiba, Irina, and Xenovia all chase after them. The remaining devils are caught by Rias and Sona, who punish them for acting in secret. Afterwards Issei arrives home to Asia naked wearing an apron, which prompts Rias to do the same.

The next day, they discover Irina badly hurt after having been defeated by Freed. The real enemy, a fallen angel, appears and threatens to destroy the city in order to draw the devils and fallen angels into war before leaving.

Episode Thoughts


Well, the whole operation felt pretty anti-climactic in the end. I thought the fight was pretty lame, and nothing ended up happening. It was also dumb how Freed’s leg was tied up by Saji for a seemingly extended period of time, and instead of Kiba just ending him right then and there, he receives a transfer from Issei and then uses Sword Birth. Why use Sword Birth there? Made no sense. That especially ruined the fight, but it wasn’t really anything special before that anyways.

There also wasn’t very much ecchi this episode. Still not a fan of Asia constantly trying to seduce Issei also, just doesn’t feel right. I also thought it was funny how immediately after we see naked Asia in an apron, Rias also puts one on and completely outclasses her. Asia is wasting her time I think.

Overall, I thought the episode was on the weaker side.


It was the long-awaited return of the circular building that seems to pop up everywhere. First season one, then Testament of Sister New Devil, and now here in season two. What is this building and why is it so important to ecchi devils?

I have to agree with Yomu about the fight. I hate it when they have a clear opening and everyone just stands around or does something lame like using Sword Birth when just jumping down and lopping off Freed’s head would have done it. It just ruins any fight, regardless of how good or bad it is.

I did have a good laugh at the spankings, but otherwise, it was a bit of a nothing episode. Sure Kokabiel showed up, but even that wasn’t that impressive. He was just too busy gloating and running his mouth when he could have been getting stuff done. All the villains seem determined to just give Rias and her family whatever chance they need to succeed when they all had plenty of chances to finish it. At least make them earn their chances.

Ecchi Highlights

Operation + Punishment!

Naked + Aprons!

Irina Defeated!

Issei’s Daydreams!

A New Enemy!

Mid Episode Transitions!

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