High School DxD New (Episode 5) – Decisive Battle at Kuoh Academy!

No time is wasted as Rias and her family immediately move to stop Kokabiel at their school. The battle commences!

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Decisive Battle at Kuoh Academy!

Sona and her servants create a protective barrier around the school, while Rias and her family move inside to take the fight to Kokabiel. While Rias didn’t want to involve her brother, Akeno went and contacted him anyways as their opponent is one of the leaders of the fallen angels. They move in to buy some time until he arrives.

Kokabiel, not feeling threatened in the slightest, summons some Cerberus’ to fight. During the fight, Xenovia and Kiba arrive. This prompts Freed to step in and fight using a new holy sword that was created by merging several swords together. Valper (man who was in charge of the experiment), for some reason, gives Kiba a stone that contains the spirits of the victims of the holy sword experiment. With their spirits behind him, and Xenovia’s holy sword that can cut anything, the two defeat Freed.

The episode ends with Kokabiel asking Issei to power up Rias so they can fight.

Episode Thoughts


Well, you really can’t fault the action in this episode, but once more, the villains do more than enough to throw the fight themselves. If Kokabiel wanted to start a war why bother toying with Rias, just annihilate them. I get really annoyed at the superpowered enemies that they really shouldn’t have any right beating at this point, but they’re too busy taking things lightly and just goofing around.

That said, Xenovia was pretty much incredible in this episode, especially when she pulled off the Chun Li spinning bird kick and kicked Freed in the face. He even went off about his beautiful face just like Vega did in the Street Fighter 2 movie. They’re making interesting headway in the actual story with lots of little details which is nice. I’m looking forward to seeing Xenovia using Durandal against Kokabiel, if she gets the chance.


A pretty straightforward episode. I actually appreciate how they just jumped right into the action. Naturally, there wasn’t as much ecchi this episode as a result, but we all know that High School DxD manages to throw some fan service in via torn clothing and panty shots during the fight.

I’m not quite sure what to make of Kokabiel and Valper. They both seem to underestimate Rias and family so much that they don’t take them seriously at all. Kokabiel is just toying with them, and Valper just casually gives that crystal to Kiba that allows Kiba to power up and summon a new powerful sword. They seem like a couple of idiots I think!

Episode Highlights

Going to School!

The Fight Begins!

Freed Defeated!

Mid Episode Transitions!

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