High School DxD New (Episode 6) – Go! Occult Research Club!

The action continues as Rias is about to face off against Kokabiel, one of the leaders of the fallen angels. It seems that this arc is about to reach its climax!

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Go! Occult Research Club!

Issei transfers his power to Rias, and she proceeds to blast Kokabiel with her strongest magic. However, even that isn’t able to scratch the fallen angel. With Rias out of power, the other members of her family and Xenovia proceed to attack Kokabiel, but only Kiba manages to graze Kokabiel’s face. During this, Issei begins to once again power up. Kokabiel mentions to everyone present that God had died in the previous war, leaving everyone in shock. He had also revealed that Akeno was the daughter of one of the leaders of the fallen angels.

Once Issei is ready, he approaches Kokabiel, proclaiming his dream to be a harem king. Kokabiel then responds telling Issei that he could easily make him a harem king. While Issei ponders the offer, Rias tells Issei that he can do whatever he wants with her if he wins. With newfound resolve, Issei’s arm once again transforms and he fills with tremendous power. He strikes Kokabiel, sending the fallen angel flying.

However, after this, the barrier surrounding the school is broken as the White Dragon appears. The White Dragon tears Kokabiel’s wings off, and then takes him away.

Things settle down after that, and Xenovia joins the occult research club after becoming a demon, as she was unable to cope with the shock of what Kokabiel had revealed. Both Rias and Akeno tease Issei by sending him pictures of them trying on swimsuits, and then at the very end it’s revealed that Issei’s client is actually Azazel, the leader of the fallen angels.

Episode Thoughts


Well, a lot happened this episode. Kokabiel was a cocky idiot from the start, but I’m not sure about the way Issei powered up this episode. It seemed like too much, implying that in that moment Issei was stronger than even a powered up Rias. But then this is Issei, who wakes up next to naked women every morning but apparently still gets so excited thinking about breasts. There’s no real logic there anyways.

Other than the end of Kokabiel, I thought the other developments were interesting. The White Dragon was obviously framed as someone very powerful, and someone who works for Azazel. Xenovia joining the cast is also great, although Irina would have been better.

I guess all-in-all, it was a decent ending to the story arc, although it felt like maybe one too many twists were dropped on us.


So, Kokabiel was one of the few surviving super-powered beings from the original war and was still pretty much useless. He managed to laugh on Rias’ boosted power, but then got punched in the face by Issei. Like Yomu said, this really doesn’t make much sense. And not to mention how the White Dragon Emperor made Kokabiel look like a wet rag.

I just wish there was some sort of progression with more than just Issei’s sacred gear. That’s the one thing that I feel like they’ve taken the time to develop, especially as it’s still far from full power. Yes, it is funny that the thought of playing with Rias’ boobs gives him a bonus boost of power.

I for one am glad that Xenovia joined Rias’ family. I wouldn’t have minded Irina joining too, but that would have been too much of a stretch. There were some pretty massive developments in terms of the world-building and that made Xenovia’s more plausible. And Azazel has finally revealed himself to Issei, but not in a pervy way…

Episode Highlights

Battle with Kokabiel!

Issei Steps Up!

White Dragon Arrives!

Xenovia Joins the Family!

Rias & Akeno Try Some Swimsuits On!

Mid-Episode Transitions!

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