High School DxD New (Episode 7) – Summer! Bathing Suits! I’m in Trouble!

With the action over with, it’s time for more action of the ecchi variety. The Occult Research Club is tasked with cleaning the school’s pool, after which they can use it for themselves!

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Summer! Bathing Suits! I’m in Trouble!

Issei reports to Rias about Azazel, who then promises to protect him. Rias’ brother arrives to mention that a meeting will be held between the three factions over what had happened with Kokabiel, and it will be held at their school!

After that, the occult research club cleans out the swimming pool and goes for a swim. Rias and Akeno fight over Issei, and then Xenovia tries to mate with him in order to get pregnant. The episode ends with the White Dragon making an appearance.

Episode Thoughts


Stop everything, it’s the swimsuit episode… It would be an understatement if I said I didn’t love swimsuit episodes, but I think this could be one of my favourites and not just because Rias and Akeno have a topless fight. Ironically, I couldn’t help but laugh every time we see Kiba calmly doing his laps in the pool. It was just too funny.

Then we had Rias constantly catching Issei in compromising positions with other girls and he always came out of it worst.

As for Sirzechs, we already know he’s the devil king, but I think he showed Issei exactly why. Putting such crazy ideas into his head as using his boosted gear on Rias’ boobs. He’s never going to sleep again.


Not too much to say about this episode. A little bit of progression with the whole conference coming up, which is also a recipe for disaster probably. The pool part was pretty nice, some good fan service and whatnot. Lot of good moments overall for a fairly chill episode.

We’ll see what happens next anyways, with the White Dragon and the conference and all of that.

Episode Highlights

Azazel’s Reveal + Pool Antics!

A Visit From Rias’ Brother + White Dragon!

Mid-Episode Transitions!

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