High School DxD New (Episode 8) – Open House Begins!

Things remain fairly relaxed as the school has a day where the parents of students can visit and observe their children’s classes. Issei reveals that he’s a masterful sculptor, and Rias’ father visits Issei’s family. Lastly, we also get to meet Sona’s older sister.

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Open House Begins!

The confrontation with Vali, the White Dragon, doesn’t end up turning into anything. Afterwards, there’s some shenanigans at school between Issei and his peers. As it’s the day where parents can visit, Issei’s parents observe one of his classes. Rias’ brother and father also arrive. Afterwards they all go to Issei’s house for some drinks.

The episode ends with Rias’ brother telling her to release her second bishop.

Episode Thoughts


Well, nothing really happened this episode. Just like last episode, not much progression, and less fan service. The meeting with Vali was uneventful, and the rest was just school life / parents embarrassing their kids for the most part. The Issei sculpture was pretty funny though, and everyone’s reactions to it.

The only real substance was the small cliffhanger at the end when they eluded to Rias’ second bishop, who was apparently too difficult to control. I guess we’ll learn more about that next episode.

On the topic of parents visiting their kids classes in Japan, I can attest that it does happen, and it’s actually quite common (I currently teach English in Japan). There’ll actually be maybe 4 or 5 days per year that parents can come in and observe classes. There isn’t nearly as much fanfare as in the episode though, and the parents (usually all mothers) won’t take pictures or anything like that.


I had a good laugh at Issei’s expense with his parents watching him at the school and then inviting Rias’ father and brother home. Imagine your parents accidentally inviting home the all-powerful devil king for drinks… haha!

I thought the whole scene with Vali was kind of annoying. He just shows up, gives Issei some shit, and then wanders off because he has better things to do. It just felt like a pointless and lazy way to properly introduce his character.

It was funny that Sona’s sister gave Issei flashbacks to his first client and the interesting time he had there, but otherwise, as Yomu stated, it really wasn’t much of anything. At least the last episode had bikinis and a pool!

Episode Highlights

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