High School DxD New (Episode 9) – I Have a Junior!

With her brother’s permission, Rias brings the occult research club to reveal her other bishop – Gasper Vladi. A very feminine boy who has some trouble socializing with others, but who also has a very powerful ability.

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I Have a Junior!

Gasper is revealed to us. A cute boy who cries a lot and is super scared of interacting with people. His ability allows him to stop time around him, but he’s scared of hurting others using it and he doesn’t have good control of it just yet. Apparently he’s a successful devil though, getting plenty of contracts on the internet somehow.

Issei immediately takes a liking to Gasper, and becomes determined to help train him and get him more confident. Gasper ends up taking a liking to Issei too, being inspired by Issei’s ambitions of becoming a harem king and doing perverted things to women. Gasper ends up finding confidence when a paper bag is placed upon his head.

The episode ends with Issei meeting the Archangel Michael.

Episode Thoughts


I have a lot of time for the casual putdowns aimed at Issei and Gasper managed to drop a load. It’s also pretty funny how everyone is on edge as soon as Azazel shows up and just like with the White Dragon, he wanders in gets everyone worked up and wanders off again. At least, he seemed to offer some suggestions, although if they’re so worried about his intentions, why would they believe him?

It was another fairly slow and relaxed episode, although it’s all about building up to the big meeting and now we’ve met the heads of all three factions, all be it briefly. Now, what could Archangel Michael want with Issei? He must really have a ton of power for all of the heads to show an interest in him.

And one final thing, Gasper really is an odd one and the bag head didn’t really help that. Couldn’t they have found him a regular mask? Just a thought!


Another surprisingly barren episode. It’s pretty clear that the series is trying to move the story along with the whole meeting that is going to take place between the angels, demons, and fallen angels. Lot of working up to that.

But there’s also a lot of just killing time, but without very much ecchi content. I still enjoy the episodes and where they’re headed, but I am surprised at the lack of fan service. This episode it was Asia, Xenovia, and Koneko taking a bath together and that was pretty much it.

Anyways, we’ll just have to see where things go from here because it’s clear the action will pick up again fairly soon.

Episode Highlights

The Other Bishop!

Bath Time!

Issei and Gasper Work Together!

Archangel Michael!

Mid-Episode Transitions!

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