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Believe it or not, 12 weeks have already passed since we started covering the legendary High School DxD (uncensored, of course)! Which means it’s time for a discussion-based review of the first season. Spoiler alert – we really like this series!

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High School DxD – Season One!

Regular high school boy, Hyoudou Issei’s life takes a turn for the supernatural when one day he gets his first girlfriend… only to be killed by her, and inducted into a world of angels, fallen angels, and demons! Issei himself becomes a demon under the beautiful Rias Gremory, and proceeds to adjust to his new life as a demon that becomes filled with struggle, emotion, and beautiful women!

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 12 Rias Smiling

Favourite Story Moments


While a lot happened in this first season, my favourite moment actually goes all the way back to the beginning – when Issei was stabbed by Raynare. Such a dramatic scene that opened a huge can of worms, it’s in my opinion not only one of the most memorable scenes from the season but also a very memorable scene in anime, period!

You don’t typically expect such a dark twist in an ecchi anime, let alone that early on. Just an amazing scene all around.


I’d agree with that. It certainly was unexpected and then to get killed again not long later. It certainly set the mood for a fairly dark series, which, ironically, I don’t think it continued. Certainly not to the same level. It would have been nice to see some darker moments with the summonings.

Personally, I really liked how Rias told off Issei when he wanted to rescue Asia. She did it in such a way that she left the door open for him to do the rescue and for Koneko and Kiba to go with him. I liked how that showed that Rias was thinking about how to motivate and give her younger devils the chance to step up.


Not a moment I would have considered to be honest, but you’re right, the anime really established Rias’ intelligence there. I also really liked how everyone who had been with Rias for longer understood exactly what Rias had meant, while Issei initially didn’t. Gotta love it when a plan comes together!

Highschool DxD Amano Date

Favourite Ecchi Moments


I think there are two moments that really stick in my head from season one. The first was when Issei went to the nurse’s room for a break and woke up to find Rias sleeping beside him naked. She had her devil wings out too and it was the most impressive bum in the series…

After that, I’d say the moment Issei first used Dress Break was hilarious and mostly because of the reaction of the people not involved. Both Koneko and Kiba apologized to their opponents for Issei being such a pervert. Great ecchi moment and some nice humour too.


Very nice indeed! It was impressive how soon the anime brought out nude Rias, and the Dress Break moments were all great. I really enjoyed how he used it to catch Riser’s rook off guard for a split second so that he could hit her with a blast of energy.

For me, a man of the finer details, my favourite ecchi moments actually involved two background characters – two of the girls that Issei and friends peeped on in episode 1. Not only did we get some great spreads of them, but the anime also brought them back in episode 12! That attention to detail didn’t go unnoticed by me, and even though they are just background characters I’m hoping we see them again next season! (Images of these two girls are in the highlights section of this post)


What could be a finer detail than Rias’ bum? I also enjoyed the moment that Issei and Rias had before the Ratings Game when Rias was wearing the sheer top that went see-through in the moonlight.


I’ll also shoutout to the school uniforms that I enjoy, especially on Rias and Akeno for certain aesthetic reasons..!

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 2 Rias sitting on Issei's bed

Overall Story Thoughts


High School DxD has proven itself to not only be an ecchi-packed anime, but it also has a very interesting story. I’ve always really enjoyed the world design and dynamic where three factions (angels, fallen angels, and demons) are all vying for power behind the scenes of regular life for most humans. Issei’s journey feels a lot like a solid shounen journey in the way he fights for his friends as he progresses in power also.


I’d definitely agree that it feels similar to a shounen journey, especially with Issei fighting for his friends and getting incrementally stronger as the show goes on. It is one of the stronger storylines for an ecchi harem series and would have been interesting enough even had it not been an ecchi series. Obviously, we’re pretty happy that it was though.


Of course! I think it’s safe to say that we’re giving High School DxD Season One an “Excellent” Rating for story content?


Without a doubt.

Story Rating – Excellent!

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 4 Raynare with Spear of Light

Overall Ecchi Thoughts


And then, naturally, there’s the ecchi. I have no doubt that we’ll agree on a “Smoking” Rating for ecchi content. We’ve shared our favourite moments, but do you have any other thoughts on the overall ecchi of DxD so far?


It has to be Smoking and one thing that really stands out with DxD is the variety of girls. Two of my top waifu are Rias and Akeno, so to both come from the same series is impressive, but then there are fringe characters that are all wonderfully done. You mentioned the two classmates and I’d add Xuelan from Rizer’s harem, not to mention his queen!


Yeah, DxD has an impressive cast of female characters for us to enjoy, from main to side characters. DxD is one series that doesn’t hesitate to flaunt ecchi content, and it manages to do so in a way that doesn’t feel too obtrusive on the story. Let’s hope for more great characters and ecchi going forward!


But of course. More girls and more of the excellent world that it all takes place in. I’m looking forward to the next season.

Ecchi Rating – Smoking!

High School DxD Uncensored Student Council

Season Ecchi Highlights

While we couldn’t possibly fit ALL of the highlights from High School DxD Season One (uncensored), we’ll do our best to give you a taste of what the season had to offer!


High School DxD Uncensored Episode 6 Dream Lingerie Rias


Asia & Koneko

Ep1 & Ep12 Background Girls

Episode Reviews

If you’d like more episode-specific synopses, discussions, or image highlights, you can find our coverage of all 12 episodes from Season One here!

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