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We’ve come once again to the end of a season of High School DxD. How was this season, and did it manage to live up to previous seasons? Lynn and Yomu give us their thoughts here.

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High School DxD BorN

Once again continuing from previous seasons, things ramp up in the harem department as all of the girls from the occult research club move in with Issei, his house having been transformed into a mansion. This season takes place mostly during the summer, as the club visits the demon realm. We are introduced to the norse. There are several altercations with Vali and friends, some others, and in the end, a new gal joins the harem!

Story Thoughts


Honestly, while I wouldn’t say the story was all that bad, I do think that it’s taken a nosedive since last season. There are a few things I didn’t like about it.

I didn’t like the idea of including norse gods, and other mythologies like Sun Wukong in the world. This is maybe a personal thing, but I liked the previous idea that there was a sort of balance that was maintained by the Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devils. Now that every mythology and their mother does/or can exist, that idea has been tarnished.

While I did enjoy the more laid back moments from this season, such as the date with Akeno or the night before the rating game, I didn’t like how the story played out in regards to the conflict we witnessed. Loki turned out to be a very lame character and the battle with him (his minions) wasn’t that great. The antagonist from the rating game gone wrong was also pathetic. And finally, while the action itself wasn’t bad, the whole Rias mind-controlled ordeal wasn’t that exciting to me.

Overall, I think that as far as anime goes, it wasn’t a bad season.
But I don’t think it stands up to the previous two.


I would have to agree with pretty much everything you’ve said. As far as the villains go, we’ve not seen the level of development in their characters since season one when we had Raynare and Rizer. Since then, each one either seems to have been dropped in without much explanation and/or they’ve been a pretty lame villain.

I don’t mind the additions of extra mythologies, but I do think it waters down the story and makes it possible for more and more random additions to magically appear, which hasn’t gone so well. Rather than tightening the story, it seems to want to let it go wild and that’s not helped it so far.

This all sounds fairly negative, but like Yomu said, it wasn’t a bad season, it just didn’t compare to the first season for me which is excellent.

Story Rating – Good!

Ecchi Thoughts


Admittedly, it’s hard for High School DxD to get it wrong on this front. After three seasons, it’s built up an impressive core group of characters and we’re more than happy to see them over and over again. It has also added some more characters and that’s also a bonus.

I think they work better introduced this way than the villains that just pop in, get easily defeated, and are quickly forgotten. That said, Kuroka was probably the one exception, but then she came with a back story and wasn’t a quick throw away character.

Yeah, it’s hard to not enjoy the ecchi elements of the series, whatever you think about the story development.


When it comes to ecchi content, once again, High School DxD has delivered. Whatever my criticisms about the story are, I have to give this season credit here. Kuroka and Rossweisse are both side characters, but I appreciated the introduction of another pair of pretty gals to mix things up.

In addition, we got a ton of fan service from the core cast, as well as a lot more Koneko ecchi content this season. There were a lot of great moments from the season and the content flowed consistently throughout, whether there was a battle or not. BorN definitely maintains the standards set by previous seasons here in my eyes.

Ecchi Rating – Smoking!

Ecchi Highlights

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