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We’ve come to the end of High School DxD New. And while our trip through High School DxD will continue, it’s a good time to take a look at the season, our thoughts, and highlights from it before moving on!

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High School DxD New

Continuing from the previous season, Issei, as a part of Rias’ family of demons in the Occult Research Club, encounters new ecchi situations all while more dangerous situations arise. His control over the Red Dragon increases, and his destined rival, the White Dragon, makes his entrance into the story.

Basically, it’s more High School DxD!

Story Thoughts

Before we get to the ecchi, let’s get a quick recap of what both Lynn and Yomu thought about the second season of the infamous High School DxD!


I found the story to be less intense this season. The last season built up to the ratings game with Rizer and you also had a lot of the introductions, including the fallen angels which I thought were all nicely handled. This one didn’t really live up to that if I’m being honest. It was still good. It’s DxD after all, but it didn’t have the same bite as season one.

I liked the introduction of Irina and Xenovia and the implications of the world-building, but that also made it feel like we were getting lectured a little too often. Too often characters would just appear without any foreshadowing and start causing havoc. It’s something that DxD is guilty of throughout the story and it showed in this season.

I also found Vali to be incredibly frustrating as he would show up, shoot off his mouth, and then wander off again because he was bored… I was bored. Get out of here, Vali. For me, this season was good, but not great, with the exception of the swimming pool episode which was great for reasons other than story.


Overall, I think that High School DxD New was a good continuation of the series. The story had similar ups and downs in action, splitting the focus between more casual fan service episodes, and more intense action / story episodes. I think that this balance was well achieved.

However, I did think that the later half of this season felt a little slapped together when it came to the story. Some random devil woman being propped up as a villain out of nowhere, only for her to be slapped aside with ease by Azazel felt weak. And it seemed like it was all so that Vali could take center stage as the new antagonist. But all we really got from him was a single fight. I guess it was just unsatisfying from my perspective.

That said, I did like the first arc, which introduced us to the lovely Irina and Xenovia duo. And that was my favourite part of the season, seeing those two and that arc in general. So in the end, I think it washes out.

Story Rating – Great!

Ecchi Thoughts

And next, what did we think of the ecchi in this season?


While season one had some great moments, I actually think that this season managed to do even better. As I mentioned earlier, I think that the introduction of both Irina and Xenovia provided us with a new great source of fan service, and helped to keep things fresh. Seeing more of Sona Sitri was also nice!

In addition to that, we had a swimsuit episode, and Akeno became more aggressive in going after Issei, which in turn caused Rias to get more defensive – leading to more great ecchi from two of the show’s best girls. If I had to pick a favourite ecchi moment, I’d have to go back to Irina though, and say all of the moments where she was wearing that skin-tight leather outfit that she fought in. Those scenes were great.


Akeno realising what she wanted was a massive boost for the season and made all sorts of wonderful ecchi moments possible. Like Yomu, I was a big fan of the swimsuit episode and Irina and Xenovia so that was awesome.

I did think the first season gave us more ecchi, however. We didn’t get the same amount of Rias and I didn’t like the way Asia tried to become forceful with her interests in Issei. It felt unnatural to the character and also made the ecchi scenes feel forced.

Again, it was still great, but not as great as season one. Feel like I’m sounding like a broken record, but I definitely enjoyed season one over season two. The only big improvement was the addition of Irina and Xenovia.

Ecchi Rating – Smoking!

Ecchi Highlights

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite ecchi highlights from the season!

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