High School DxD (Special 3) – A Little Bold, Koneko-chan… Nyan!

It’s time for another High School DxD Special! Last week’s special focused on Akeno, and this week’s special centers on Koneko. As well as Rias and Asia…

This Post Contains NSFW Images!

A Little Bold, Koneko-chan… Nyan!

Rias infuses a cup of tea with magic which she plans on giving to Issei to reduce his perversion. Unfortunately, Koneko ends up drinking it instead, and the tea seems to have the opposite effect, leading to Koneko ravaging Rias and Asia.

Ecchi Highlights

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  1. Have you thought about reviewing the rest of the HS DxD series.

    • We’re going to go through them all, we just ended up getting a bit side tracked after finishing the first season.

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