High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World! (Episode 11) – It Seems Keine Can’t Stand Naughty Boys!

High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World Title

Keine takes care of the antibiotic shortage and some opiate pushers, while Shinobu keeps an eye on the Azur Brigade. Tsukasa and Ringo have a secret project on the go that will blow this world apart!

It Seems Keine Can’t Stand Naughty Boys!

An epidemic is spreading through Dortmundt and some opiate pushers seem to be upset at Keine treating people and putting them out of business. The antibiotics, however, are running out and the pushers are back with a vengeance, but Keine tells them she’s going to make drugs from coal. They all have a laugh and then Keine gets to work with Lyrule, utilising her magic.

She saves the people and then turns her attention on the opiate pushers and Keine is not one to mess around. She paralyzes them and then performs attitude altering brain surgery on them, but only after giving it the full evil villain speech…

Meanwhile, Tsukasa and Ringo have been working on a top-secret project and that appears to be a nuclear weapon! Also, the Azur Brigade has run back to the Empire for help in defeating the Seven-Light Faith and received a powerful mage that makes Gustav look like a child!

The Azur Brigade continues to prepare and Jeanne is the first to go, but their attack fails as Shinobu jumps into the fight to save her friend. She then shows Jeanne what the Azur Brigade has been up to and convinces her to join them.

Episode Thoughts

Maybe, I’ve been a little spoilt, but Dr. Stone definitely made the making of man-made antibiotics far more entertaining. This was boring by comparison, although we then got to see Keine as her true self… and it is terrifying. Now, taking opiate pushers out of the game is a great thing to do, but I think Keine went a little far by submitting them to brain surgery. Then we had Tsukasa and Ringo with their nuclear weapon (possibly) and all of a sudden, I’m starting to think that there aren’t any good guys in this series, well, other than Shinobu.

If I’m completely honest, I haven’t really enjoyed the story in this series for a little while now and feel a little relieved that there is only one episode left. That said, there have been some great moments and the cast is a treasure trove of waifus. Seriously, almost any one of them could be selected.

Ecchi Highlights

Making Antibiotics!

Naughty Boys!

Tsukasa’s Ace!

High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World Episode 11 Tsukasa and Ringo's Nuclear Missile

Azur Brigade Turn Tail!

High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World Episode 11 The Azur Brigade Rejoins the Empire

Shinobu and Jeanne!

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