High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World! (Episode 2) – Masato Is Serious About Making Money!

With winter approaching Elch takes the trading supplies to the nearby town, but a merchant has the monopoly and offers them peanuts. Luckily, Masato and Shinobu came along to help!

Masato Is Serious About Making Money!

Elch is the village treasurer and responsible for controlling their funds. The extra strain of seven more mouths to feed was getting too much for him so when the local merchant tries to rip them off, it gets too much for him. So, Masato, the businessman steps in and refuses to do business with the merchant. Instead, he sets out to build his own trading company and put the merchant out of business.

Shinobu digs up some dirt on the mayor and gets Masato a trading license. He then approaches some other villages and sets up a marketplace where they can all sell their goods under his trading company and if they man the stalls themselves they only have to give him ten percent of their earnings, which leaves them with much more profit than the merchant was offering.

Episode Thoughts

I knew this series wasn’t going to be overly heavy with the ecchi content, but it does have Lyrule and Winona in so regardless it’s going to be great to look at. What I didn’t expect was to be enjoying it as much as I am after just two episodes. I love how the seven high school prodigies all have their own unique talents and are using them to turn this world upside down, despite Tsukasa’s concerns in the first episode. Watching Masato create an open market and drive a monopoly under is very satisfying and I just hope that he continues to do everything in an honest way. It would be a shame to see him resort to something underhand to win.

Ecchi Highlights

Setting up a Business!

Worried about Supplies? Don’t Be!

Roo likes Money!

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