High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World! (Episode 3) – It Seems Roo Can Decide Her Own Worth!

High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World Title

If there’s anything to be learnt from this series and that is if you want to win over the people, build hot springs. How is that not covered in Politics 101?

It Seems Roo Can Decide Her Own Worth!

Masato finishes of the rival trader by signing contracts with all of the merchants he recently let go to save a little money. It’s over for him, but then Masato points out that having only one trading company is bad news, even if it’s his. With that more or less sorted, they plan to head home, only Roo is re-captured by slavers. She makes a plea to Masato to save her and he buys her freedom.

Shinobu reports back to Tsukasa, giving him the rundown on magic and the region which is run by Maquis Findolf and he is a shitty bastard! That’s something to keep in mind, but first things first, Tsukasa has just opened his first public amenities – hot springs! Someone has also managed to fashion some swimwear out of leaves, allowing everyone to try out the new pools.

Then, we learn that some of the villagers have been attacked by the Chief of the Forest. They quickly put their clothes on a run to help. Aoi takes on the Chief of the Forest and Kleine attends to the wounded. While they’re away Masato returns and they have no time to relax before the Guardian Knights show up and confiscate the gold, leave the villagers tied up in a burning building, and leave with Lyrule. Oh, these bastards are going to play. Nobody touches Lyrule!!!

Episode Thoughts

This was a bridging episode and as a result, we didn’t get to spend nearly enough time at the hot springs. At least it is there now, so hopefully, it’ll get lots of use going forward. We saw the end of the Masato arc which was a lot of fun and quite satisfying, but now we’re heading into the next arc which looks to involve that shitty bastard, Marquis Findolf. I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing where this series goes and am enjoying it. Of course, the hot springs is a welcome addition to the village and the series.

Ecchi Highlights

Masato Wins!

The Hot Springs is Open!

High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World Episode 3 Hot Springs

The Chief of the Forest!

The Doctor is In!

The Guardian Knights!

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