High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World! (Episode 4) – It Seems Tsukasa has Resolved to Change the World!

Lyrule has been kidnapped by Marquis Findolf and he has some despicable plans for her. Tsukasa offers to negotiate with Findolf to protect the village in exchange for Lyrule, but the villagers are not having it!

It Seems Tsukasa has Resolved to Change the World!

Tsukasa was doing his best to hide his displeasure at the situation and appeared to be relieved when the villagers told him that they would sooner go to war than give up Lyrule. With that decided, Tsukasa offered to help them, but also warned them that they would have to advice the village by five-hundred years. That’s fine as long as they get Lyrule back.

Ringo got to work manufacturing weapons and shields from a lightweight alloy. She also built a Rail Canon and used it to destroy the castle wall. The villagers and the prodigies stormed the castle, making light work of the soldiers guarding it.

Meanwhile, Shinobu and Tsukasa snuck in through a secret passage and headed for Findolf’s room. Findolf tried to shoot Tsukasa, but his suit is made of a special fabric that cannot be penetrated with a rifled gun. He then shot Findolf with a rubber bullet and rescued Lyrule. She woke up, but it wasn’t her. Another voice spoke and begged Tsukasa and the others to save the world from the dragon (read the Emperor with his dragon-headed coins).

Episode Thoughts

This episode was a fast watch as it was packed full of action. We also had Lyrule is a revealing dress, although you also had the disgusting Findolf in most of those scenes too and that guy was a massive buzzkill. He was so creepy and gross, I was a little disappointed that Tsukasa only shot him with a rubber bullet. He deserved much worse. The guy is a shitty bastard and he dared to put his filthy mitts on Lyrule. Also, is it possible for Winona to get ant hotter? She’s already a yummy mummy and now she can kick ass too.

Ecchi Highlights

Cleaning Up!

How to Progress!

Meeting the Marquis!

Fancy a Kiss!


The Rescue!

Who Summoned Us?

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